6 Essential Paper Shredder Maintenance Tips For Maximum Output!

paper-shredder maintenance tips

If you are using a paper shredder regularly, of course, you understand how important a paper shredder for home use or office.

Although most users are not aware of its maintenance, you can keep your shredder at peak performance to obey some useful paper shredder maintenance tips.

Moreover, proper maintenance will increase the lifespan of your shredder. It is essential to keep in mind that a paper shredder is not an eternal thing;

It is an electronic device that needs perfect maintenance to survive over the years. To give your maximum shredder protection, I discussed here 6 essential paper shredder maintenance tips for maximum output!

6 Essential Paper Shredder Maintenance Tips

  • Consider the shredder types
  • Use Lubricate inside your Shredder
  • Run the shredder with specific breaks
  • Use the Shredder Bag
  • Regular Cleaning
  • Avoid Overloading

Consider the Shredder Types:

All shredder does not come with the same standards. First of all, shred your paper based on the kinds of your shredder. It is mandatory to know shredder capability.

There mainly three types of shredder, micro-cut, cross-cut, and stripe cut. These are different from quality, capacity, and features.

For example, some shredder can cut several hard plastic things, CDs, DVDs, and credit cards. Some shredder can shred only paper.

If you don’t use a proper shredder, then the shredder will be destroyed soon. Similarly, the cutting quality depends on how fast the waste box filled up.

So, learning about your shredder and using perfect one is the most critical maintenance factor.

Use Lubricate inside your Shredder:

It is proven that a paper shredder in which oil regularly works far better than a shredder, which doesn’t oil. All of the machine devices need oil daily, and shredder is obviously.

Without regular Oiling, your device will generate extra heat, and the blade will damage soon. Fat increases the work efficiency of the shredder.

Moreover, it can save the motor from sudden burning risk. As well as, oil reduces the dust on the blade and make it faster to cut. It is better to oil your shredder every day.

But if it is not possible, then oil the device once in a week. Most noteworthy, cross-cut shredder needs additional care. Because it generally grabs maximum pollen dust and tiny particles.

So try to oil cross-cut each day. It will keep your shredder blade more smooth while you see that your device getting slower day by day and often creates odd sounds.

Run the shredder with specific breaks:

No shredder can be used continuously. It needs to take a break after each time using. Continuous use will cause your machine to crash suddenly. Besides, it will have a terrible impact on efficiency.

Even a heavy-duty paper shredder also needs a proper break. Otherwise, the machine will hamper within a short time.

Generally, a reputed manufacturing company gives a product warranty card. Keep your warranty card very carefully so that you can repair it during the limited warranty time.

Use the Shredder Bag:

Shredder bag is using for reducing shredder dust during the cutting time. The high-quality paper shredder has a dust-proof gear house with it, but you can use a shredder bag to prevent most of the earth.

Moreover, it reduces gaps and fixed the maximum bin limits. You can use any non-plastic paper bag or box.

Regular Cleaning:

Regular cleaning is the most significant maintenance factor. Clean your shredder at least once in a month.

If you have used it for personal use, then you can clean after every two months. But for the office use, a shredder needs to clean frequently.

Shredder cleaning is a straightforward process. It requires little time to remove stuck from the cutting jar. Also, it will increase the blade life span and make it sharper and faster.

Moreover, it will protect your shredder from much invisible dust. First of all, turn off the shredder and unplug from the electric connection.

Secondly, open the top part of the shredder and clean it carefully by the brush. A user manual guide can help you best.

Avoid Overloading:

Sometimes you may feel the problem of sudden stopping your paper shredder. You may think why paper shredder won’t turn on? One of the significant reasons for the overload.

You must have to consider shredder capacity before buying. In the meantime, keep in mind that is it six sheets, 8-sheet or 20 sheet shredder?

Because a shredder can’t handle more than its capacity, never use the device with heavier loads. Each shredder has a maximum continuous run time in the user manual: maybe 10 minutes or 30 minutes in the case of the more massive shredder.

Most importantly, the user should shred such things that the shredder can cut easily. For example, all of the shredders cannot cut credit cards or plastic cards or CDs and DVDs.

Some shredder can cut credit cards and several hard materials. It may damage the machine instantly. Be aware of the paper clip and staple shredding. You need the perfect shredder, which cut clips and staples.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why did my paper shredder stop working?

Your shredder won’t turn on and stopped working because of paper jam and overload than shredder capacity. To turn on, open the shredder and clean paper jam properly as well as avoid overload.

Why does my paper shredder overheat?

A paper shredder can be overheating by continuous use without any breaks. Especially, cheap paper shredder motor is quickly overheating. Always use the shredder to maintain minimum breaks.

How do I clean my paper shredder?

First of all, unplug the shredder and remove the top part of the machine. Then clean all of the dust carefully by any towel or paper. If needed, you can read the standard guideline.

Final Words:

As a shredder, help you as, like a best friend, you should proper care as like it. In the absence of proper protection, an ideal quality shredder also ruined within short times.

If you want to get long-lasting service from your paper shredder, follow the above paper shredder maintenance tips. You will profitable and get rid of unnecessary paper shredder problems. If you have anything to know, comment below.

Be happy to use your paper shredder.

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