5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Inkjet Printers

Advantages and Disadvantages of Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers are used by most offices for printing. And now, you can also use Inkjet printers for printing images on t-shirts, bags, and many other products as well. These days, Inkjet printers can even produce high-quality photographs, posters, and greeting cards.

However, there are advantages and disadvantages of inkjet printers. Let’s go through them in this post so you can make an informed decision.

Five Pros and Cons of Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers have taken the world by storm. The inkjet printing technology was first introduced in the late 1970 and has been on a steady upward trajectory ever since.

As the trend of printing continues to grow, more and more people are getting into it. Most often, inkjet printers are the go-to method of printing. In fact, these printers are a very cost-effective solution for printing.

However, there are a few disadvantages to inkjet printers, too. They aren’t always the fastest way to print, and sometimes, they can be tricky to set up.

So, what are the pros and cons of inkjet printers? Let’s find out!

5 Advantages of Inkjet printers

1. Convenience

Inkjet printers are much more convenient than laser printers. You don’t have to wait for your inkjet printer to print. You can start the printing process while you are still sitting at your desk. That means you won’t have to waste your time waiting for your inkjet printer to finish printing.

When using inkjet printers, you also don’t have to worry about the quality of the printed documents because the quality is directly related to the quality of the printing materials. Also, Almost all inkjet printers come with both pc and mac compatibility.

2. Ease of Use

Inkjet printers have become incredibly easy to use in recent years. You no longer need any special training to use them. You just plug the ink cartridges in, select your size, and start printing. However, I have written an in-depth review of some easy-to-use printers for seniors. Here it is- Best Printer for Elderly

Another huge advantage of using a high quality inkjet printer instead of a laser printer is there is no need for post-press processing. With an inkjet printer, you simply remove the paper when it is done printing and then throw it away. That means no more paper jams and faster printing time.

3. Highly Efficient

An Inkjet printer can print many pages in a short amount of time. You can print more than one page every time you run the multifunction printer. That’s a huge advantage over laser printers. Laser printers can only print one page at a time. So, you have to wait for the entire page to finish before you can start the next one.

4. Budget-friendly

Inkjet printers are really cheap. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on an inkjet printer. You can get one for as low as $100 or even less. This means you can buy a lot of inkjet printers and still save money.

5. Lightweight

Portable Inkjet printers are much lighter and more portable than laser printers. You can take an inkjet printer almost anywhere with you and use it without a problem. Most often, you will see people using inkjet printers at home, in the office, and even while traveling.

5 Disadvantages of Inkjet printers

1. Slow Printing Speed

The biggest drawback of an inkjet printer is that they are generally not as fast as a laser printer. When you print multiple pages at once, they will usually take longer to complete than laser printers. The printing speed of most inkjet printers isn’t very fast. This means they don’t produce as many pages per minute as a laser printer can. That’s why most people use this type of printer for printing smaller jobs and documents.

2. Requires frequent maintenance

Inkjet printers also need regular maintenance in order to work properly. You need to keep the ink cartridges well-filled with ink, and you need to make sure the paper is always fed properly. Otherwise, the quality of your prints will suffer. If you aren’t diligent with your maintenance, you can run into some serious problems.

3. Ink Cartridges Are Expensive

The main disadvantage of using inkjet printers is the cost of the ink cartridge. The cost of the inkjet printer cartridges can be higher than the cost of the printer. That’s because the cost of the ink cartridges is usually much higher than the cost of the printing materials.

4. Not good for duplex printing

If you want duplex printouts, an inkjet printer would not be a perfect option. When you try to print both sides of a paper, an inkjet printer may create faded output. Especially for printing both sides of any important documents, you should avoid inkjet printers.

5. Quick ink dry up

This issue creates a huge problem for those who use their printer occasionally. If you don’t use the printing machine for a while the expensive ink will dry up and become useless. So, you need to buy ink again which not only wastes your money but also creates trouble in some urgent situations. These tips may help you- avoid quick printer ink drying out.


Well, now you know the common advantages and disadvantages of inkjet printers and I believe, it will help you to decide whether an inkjet printer will be the optimum choice for you. However, you may not find some of the above-mentioned advantages in some of the newer models of printer and the same goes for the disadvantages too. Good luck.

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