Best Big And Tall Office Chairs 500 lbs Capacity [Reviews in 2022]

Best Big And Tall Office Chairs with 500 lbs. Weight

Ever thought of enhancing productivity and performance at your office? Well, research shows that your quality of work increases when you stay happy at your workplace. To ensure your happy and relax times, you should sit in a comfortable office chair.

Speaking of comfortable office chairs, most offices don’t have high-quality chairs with 500 lbs, especially for the tall and heavy ones. That’s why many of us face difficulties sitting on congested chairs. This results in the decelerating of performance and enthusiasm.

If you are searching for the best big and tall office chairs 500lbs, you’re just at the right place. This article aims to discuss some of the top-quality office chairs with the required buying guide. So, let’s start reading!

Take a look at my top picked big and tall office chairs at a glance:

Easy installation, USB massage lumbar support, Adjustable seat height, ergonomic curved high back, 360° Rotating, Smooth PU leather, headrest pillows, Heavy-duty metal base provides stability.

PU material is used and filled with high-density sponge padding for comfort, solid 5-point base ensures the stability, 360 degrees quiet and smooth mobility, adjustable height mechanism, class-4 gas lift, back lumber support, easy clean and use.

Lumbar support for comfort and convenience, solid 5-point base, Strong Metal plating with BIFMA No.5.1 certification lift, high-density foam padding and waterfall seat edge.

Leather exterior, high-backed executive style with ergonomic support, adjustable height mechanism, 360 swivels with hooded caster wheels, easy to assemble.

Features an ergonomic-shaped breathable mesh back with a height-adjustable swivel seat for maximum comfort, Pneumatic height adjustment, 5-star base for heavy-duty, waterfall seat edge.

5 Best Big And Tall Office Chairs 500 lbs Capacity Reviews

While doing my detailed research, I kept searching for the finest office chairs with 500 lbs. weight support that can keep you comfortable for a long time. So, let me start my review section of every individual product in detail.

1. BestOffice Office Chair With Lumbar Support – Most Premium Big And Tall Office Chair

BestOffice Office Chair With Lumbar Support

Available On Amazon

If you are looking for the most premium office chair that can accommodate larger and taller bodies, the BestOffice office chair with lumbar support should be the one. It is designed for the executives and provides ultimate luxury and comfort.

The BestOffice chair is made of leather that enhances the overall look of the chair. It offers broader seat widths and backs. The seat height can also be adjusted to make sure you can work comfortably behind the desk.

The chair’s backrest features a USB-powered vibration function for a massage at the lumbar support area. This helps to release your waist fatigue that is developed when you sit for a long time.

This one swivels 360-degrees for multitasking convenience, and its five-legged base with durable casters allows for smooth-rolling mobility from one area to another.

The cushioned seat is full of high-density sponge that offers comfort for long time use. Also, its ergonomic curved high back perfectly supports your whole body very well.

You might be thinking about the installation of the premium office chair must be complicated. Well, you’ll have detailed installation instructions and tools to assemble the chair quickly. The process should not take more than 15-20 minutes.

Summary: BestOffice heavy-duty chair offers excellent comfort and luxury at the same time. It’s effortless to install, sturdy, and offers massage at the lumbar support. What else do you want from a premium office chair?
👍 Pros:
  • Massages at your back
  • Luxurious leather finish
  • Easy to assemble
  • Tilts back up to 120-degrees
👎 Cons:
  • Tilting isn’t smooth

2. Big & Tall Heavy-Duty Executive Chair – Get This One If You Want Real Comfort!

Big & Tall Heavy-Duty Executive Chair

Available On Amazon

The executive office chair is furnished with PU material and filled with high-density sponge padding for a natural leather look. This upscales the overall look and ensures your comfort.

Because of the soft materials used in the chair, you’ll get less pressure in the buttocks and can get up freely. Also, it includes a padded back and seat with ultra-plush cushioning that will help relieve any back-pain, leg-pain, and improve your posture. That’s why it is considered the best office chair for sciatica.

Moreover, the comfy luxurious chair includes center-tilt control to deliver great support when reclining and a gas lift seat for height adjustments.

Again, the back can be tilted from 90 degrees to 120 degrees so that you can find the most optimal position to enjoy the break time. This tilting mechanism also provides you maximum productivity through superior ergonomics.

The ergonomic office chair has padded arms and an integrated headrest for upper body support. The heavy-duty metal chair base and frame are designed to offer solid support and withstand frequent usage.

The 5-point base wheels ensure the stability of the chair and give you smooth and quiet mobility. The durable nylon casters also allow you to swivel around 360-degrees.

This big and tall office chair is covered with smooth and flexible leather. Its water-resistant property makes it very easy to clean as well.

Summary: The Executive Chair is designed to deliver amazing comfort while doing your job. You won’t regret buying the exclusive one.
👍 Pros:
  • Integrated headrest, lumbar support
  • Spring tilt mechanism with tension controls
  • Works excellent as a dedicated gaming chair
  • Adjustable height mechanism
👎 Cons:
  • Assembly might be an issue

3. Amolife Big and Tall Office Chair – Great For Home Office

Amolife Big and Tall Office Chair

Available On Amazon

Many people have been practicing home office for years. And, after the Covid-19 happened, almost all of us had to do our office work right from our homes. So, it’s high time to get a big and tall office chair for the home. If you are searching for one, I have this product for you. The super-comfy executive chair ensures that you’re comfortable and relaxed while doing the job from your home.

Amolife Big and Tall Executive Office Chair is designed to give you maximum lumbar support for comfort and convenience. The soft, high-density foam padding and waterfall seat edge make sure you have a great time sitting on the chair.

The heavy-duty Big & Tall Executive Chair provides a smooth, professional finish and sophisticated support for all-day comfort with a broader seat and upholstered back. The adjustable back can be tilted from 90 degrees up to 120 degrees for your’s most comfortable sitting posture.

The Amolife chair is made of top-end materials. The robust metal plating with BIFMA No.5.1 certification lift and solid five-star base simply make the executive chair extremely reliable.

Summary: The Amolife Big and Tall Office Chair offers excellent comfort for the price. You may go for it if you are searching for a temporary office chair at your home.
👍 Pros:
  • Provides lumbar support
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Extremely strong and reliable
👎 Cons:
  • Makes noise when leaned back

4. Amazonbasics Big & Tall Executive Office Chair – Best Value For Money

Amazonbasics Big & Tall Executive Office Chair

Available On Amazon

AmazonBasics Big and Tall Executive Chair offers superior lumbar support and manoeuvrability behind your office desk. The chair offers the most professional appearance than most other office chairs. The manufacturer doesn’t only enhance the chair’s look but also upgrades its standard to make it wear-resistant and durable.

The ergonomic office chair features a smooth and black bonded leather upholstery at the back and armrests. The big chair has a high-backed executive design so that your full body stays in contact with it.

An extra layer of padding is added at the top of the back keeps your head and neck relaxed for a long time.

The heavy-duty tall office chair incorporates a 5-point metal base to keep the chair stable and supportive. Likely the other modern office chairs, it also has an adjustable pneumatic height mechanism to adjust your height for the desk.

The chair can rotate around 360 degrees, and hooded caster wheels help to move one place to another very quickly.

Summary: AmazonBasis Executive Office Chair is comfortable and long-lasting, featuring ergonomic design, pneumatic seat height adjustment, and structured cushioning. It offers professional quality coupled with great value.
👍 Pros:
  • Spacious padded seat cushion
  • Adjustable height mechanism
  • High-end appearance and long-lasting
👎 Cons:
  • Sharp edges around the wheels may cut body parts

5. Safco Vue Intensive-Use Task Chair – Preferred for Multi-Shift

Safco Vue Intensive-Use Task Chair

Available On Amazon

If you want a reliable office chair for multi shift work employees, Safco Vue Intensive-Use Task Chair can be a great option. The best office chair for tall person features an ergonomic-shaped breathable mesh back with a height-adjustable swivel seat to deliver maximum comfort.

Safco comes with an enhanced design where the waterfall seat edge may help improve circulation by decreasing pressure points in legs while seated. The adjustable height back tilts for ergonomic benefits while the breathable mesh keeps you cool and comfortable at the workstation.

If you want to use the chair for different employees, you need to make sure the chair provides height adjustment to make everyone comfortable. Safco doesn’t disappoint you by featuring a pneumatic lever that provides easy height adjustment from 31″ to 37″ for an extra comfortable and personalized fit.

The 5-star base is powder-coated to resist chipping and scratching for an extended professional appearance. The rotating wheels perform decently on carpeting as well as smooth, flat surfaces for maximum usability.

Another important thing you need to know is that the chair doesn’t come with an armrest like the other ones on the list. However, you can always order it separately so that you can rest your arms while working for a long time.

Summary: Safco Vue Intensive-Use Task Chair may not for the executives, but it still provides excellent comfort to the users. It can be used for a long time, even after intense usage.
👍 Pros:
  • Breathable mesh fabric maintains airflow to keep cool
  • The metal base is scratch-resistant
  • Lock the back depending on your preference
👎 Cons:
  • Armrests are sold separately

How to Choose The Best Big And Tall Office Chairs 500lbs: Buying Guide

In this part, I bring some of the factors to consider before the purchase so that you don’t end up buying a wrong one.

Weight Capacity

As you are searching for office chairs that can hold up to 500 pounds, you need to make sure the chair you like actually capable of holding such a big load. You can search in the owner’s manual to find the actual data. If you don’t find it there, search for it on the internet.


The chair you choose should be durable and reliable to provide maximum stability. Many people ignore the feature after noticing an attractive chair. But, without better stability, your chair isn’t going to last long. Make sure the chair has at-least a five-point starbase. The metals used in the base should withstand higher loads.

Comfort Features

As you’re going to spend a lot of time on the chair, you should stay concerned about the comfort features that the chair offers. The features include a thick and soft seat with lots of cushioning, waterfall-shaped edges that stay above your knee level.

Many big and tall office chairs offer lumbar support to provide ultimate comfort. Having the feature in your chair, you’ll have great times at the office as it supports your back. If your chair doesn’t have the feature, you can always order it from amazon anytime.

Many people like chairs having mesh back to them. It offers a level of breathability that keeps your chair cool. However, if you like leather chairs for a better appearance, on the other hand, don’t expect to get this benefit from those.

Ergonomic Design

If you spend a long time on the chair, it may cause great trouble to all the parts of your body afterward. If you genuinely care for the body parts that you surely do, choose a chair that offers an ergonomic design. It helps to correct your posture.

Height Adjustability

Almost all modern office chairs have a height adjustment mechanism. It allows you to fix your position comfortably behind the table.

Easy Installation

When you buy an office chair, make sure the installation process is easy and quick. Sometimes, chairs with lots of features may have a tricky installation process. You need to know the whole process very well at that time. You can take help from the internet as well.

What Makes An Office Chair Preferable?

When you stay at the office for about eight to ten hours a day, you should ask for top-quality chairs to make the time worth spending. Now, what makes an office chair to be called a top-quality one?

A perfect chair should make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Everyone’s height and size are different. So, a chair should have adjustable seats so that anyone can be comfortable to work on the desk. Also, an adjustable seat helps to keep your hip above your knee level to make you feel good.

Your arms should be free of tension, resting close to your body. Again, to avoid fatigue and discomfort, the elbows should have an angle about 90-degrees to the body. It would be great if the chair offers adjustable armrests.

The chair should be capable of being tilted according to your preference. Different people enjoy leaning back at different angles. So, the adjustable tilt feature also makes a chair preferable.

And last but not the least, a preferable office chair will last longer than average chairs. It should be made with high-grade materials to provide stability.

Final words

Remember what I said at the beginning of the article? The right office chair can enhance your performance and enthusiasm greatly. So, you should opt for the most suitable one.

I hope, this big and tall office chairs 500lbs review will help you find the exact one you require. I’ve listed the most reliable products so that you don’t buy the wrong one. Now it’s your call to find one for you.

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