11 Best Office Trash Can (Keep Waste Out of Your Chore)

Best Office Trash Can

Collecting all those paper trash at your workplace and keeping them in one place means an environment that feels more productive. And to make that environment peek at your workplace all the time, you need to find the right waste management can.

So, let’s talk about 11 Best office trash can options that are convenient, small, and a visual treat for your workplace.

11 Best Office Trash Can Reviews

Here’s the complete analysis of these 11 recommendations we have for you today. Enjoy!

1. Simplehuman 10 Liter Profile Open Trash Can

simplehuman trash for office
The best office kitchen trash can is designed in a slim and space-saving shape that makes it a great fit for tiny spaces just like Simplehuman’s bin. It’s also great for keeping under your deck to fit well.

On top of, this trash can come with a quick line-changing lid that picks up easily so that users can change the bag for the recycling process. It as well as makes sure you simply lock and open the lid.

In short, this trash bag is a decent option for those who want 10 years of quality assurance with good durability. You can also try this for carrying food or hot water.

  • It is super simple to use.
  • The trash can appears with a clean-looking lid.
  • It helps to improve office room space.
  • Good pick for bedrooms too.
  • The trash can come at an affordable value.
  • Unfortunately, it comes with no bags.

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2. Rubbermaid 295500BK Deskside Plastic Wastebasket

The Rubbermaid’s trash can come with blackish rolled rims that make sure easy and time-saving cleaning. It also makes sure your hand doesn’t slip when carrying to clean well.

But wait, that is not all. This wastebasket is made from tough and rough plastic that makes sure no rust or dent trouble. It on top allows you to use it in any conditions with no snag or crack. With this option, you can use it for different reasons from trash to a storage bucket.

On the whole, it’s one of the most excellent options if you want a good investment for your conference rooms or shops. Plus, this trash can is space-efficient.

  • It is good in quality for lasting long.
  • The trash bin is decent for home and office use.
  • It has a no-skid design for staying in one place.
  • Good pick for larger spaces.
  • The trash can fit well beside the desk
  • Not good for bathroom use.

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3. Rubbermaid Commercial Products Round Recycling Bin

For the best office trash can parts, the Rubbermaid band stands on top. It features built with the highest quality material that assures 100% to never fade, warp or crack or crush for years.

With innovative venting channels, this trash can make sure users are lifting out liners up to 50% with no snag. It on top has a UV inhibitor that makes sure you use it even in the toughest conditions. This trash can also allow you to improve efficiency and stop the risk of hurt.

Overall, this wastebasket is a huge deal for anyone who wants 20,000 cycles of the secure liner. It also features rounded handles that make carrying loads easier.

  • The trash bin is eco-friendly for easy recycling.
  • It appears with a UV protective design.
  • The lid snaps on tightly and keeps out the rain.
  • It is good for storing water or packet foods.
  • The brand given client service is helpful.
  • Sadly, they are not for lifetime use.

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4. iDesign 26581 Olivia Plastic Vintage Trash Can


Made for getting rid of messes, the I designs trash can comes with a small yet non-skid foam base design. It also makes sure you keep it in one place on the floor with no snag or slip.

This trash can as well as has 9” width, 9” dimension, and 10” height that is decent for any small spaces around the office or home. It on top has a classic sleek design with a round shape for use. With this option, you are able to lift or decor at ease.

By and large, this trash can is a good pick for those who want bronze finish and everyday use options. It is also good for cleaning supplies.

  • It appears in a simple yet elegant design.
  • The trash can appear with a soft bottom to stop slip.
  • It is very easy to fill and wash.
  • The weight and dimension are fine as hell.
  • For the price, it’s hard to beat.
  • It needs users with extra care and maintenance.

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5. iDesign 2.5 Gallon Trash Can

For the best office trash can, we chose a brand that is a good luck charm. It features a rectangular shape trash can with a classic blue-green color that matches a variety of office or home decors.

On top of that, this trash can come with a wide and sturdy base that makes sure you never face tripping or slipping. It also makes sure you fit in any small corner in your office floor to any angle. This thing on top makes sure no heavy loaded feel for its simple to hold design.

If you prefer a compact size and plastic constructed design for fitting easily, then it’s a good deal. This trash can also has 2.5-gallon storing ability.

  • It comes with good color options.
  • The price of this trash can is friendly.
  • Good pick for home, bathroom, and office.
  • It doesn’t feel heavy when lifting.
  • The trash can have thick and solid plastic.
  • Some buyers find a problem with quality.

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6. Greenco Mesh Trash Can

This trash can from the Greenco brand comes with a sleek versatile look finished with black epoxy so that users can use it in their workplace. It also helps your office space to be beautified.

Made of tough steel wire mesh, this trash can make sure you face no rip trouble. It also comes with a solid metal base and edging that are free of rust and corrosion for long-term usage. It as well as has a top and bottom rim to carry with no-snag of heavyweight.

In general, this trash can is a good bang for those who want 6-gallon storage capacity for office use. It on top has a breathable design that prevents bad smells.

  • It has a stylish and see-through design.
  • The trash can is great for different purposes.
  • It has light in weight for easy carrying.
  • The trash can is great for office rooms.
  • It has a strong outline of long-term usage.
  • The top rim feels inflexible.

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7. Simplehuman 4.5 Liter Step Trash Can

This motion sensor trash can from Simplehuman brand offers around the bin with a strong foot pedal to open smoothly. It also makes sure you are using it with your one foot at ease.

With 10 years of quality assurance, the brand offers amazing restore and return benefits for simple replacement. It also indicates the durability of this product to be with it for a longer period of time. Besides, the brand-provided client support is super helpful to solve troubles.

Generally speaking, this trash can is a decent investment for people who want a removable liner and fingerprint-proof bucket. It is also good for resisting smudges to keep steel shiny.

  • The trash can appear with a quality rose blood to finish.
  • Good trash can for the price point.
  • The trash can lid is easy to open and close.
  • It appears with a fingerprint-proof coating.
  • This trash can is convenient for limited spaces.
  • We wish for a wider outline.

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8. Safco Products 36 Gallon Plastic Liner Trash Can

The Safco brand comes with 36 gallons of a plastic trash can that is certified for removing indoor air smog. It as well as make sure you are having no trouble with chemical exposure.

This trash can also come with a rigid surface that makes sure you clean it with no trouble of care and maintenance. To clean the bucket, you only want to take any mild soap and water mixture with a clean cloth to wipe well. After that, rinse well with water.

In the bottom line, it’s an excellent option for those who want a safe and big removable trash can. This wastebasket is also good for daily use.

  • The edging of a trash can is rough.
  • Nice pick for my trash container and bus cart.
  • Great option for the workplace and home.
  • For the quality, it’s hard to beat.
  • It has excellent dimensions for short spaces.
  • Unluckily, it gets messy quickly.

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9. Rubbermaid Commercial Defenders Step-On Trash Can

This touchless trash can form the Rubbermaid brand comes with galvanized steel liner that makes sure transferable waste control. It also allows you to use different spaces at ease.

And, this trash can come with a light yet tough foot pedal that makes sure you quickly throw messes with no trouble. It also allows users to throw dirt and useless documents without using their hands. Besides, it is made of steel that won’t break easily.

For the most part, this trash can is an OSHA standard for users who want reliable and strongly built baskets. It also has white powder-coat finishes that won’t give you peel or quality snag.

  • It has chrome and nickel push on rod caps.
  • The trash can is simple to unlock and secure.
  • It is a strong outline for long-lasting use.
  • The lid has a seal to hold unwanted smells.
  • A great pick for heavy use.
  • A few people find it small in size.

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10. Rubbermaid Commercial Slim Jim 15-7/8-Gallon Trash Can

The Rubbermaid’s trash can come with an awesome 15.875-gallon capacity for cleaning more messes at a time. It also helps users to throw grim or futile trash for a week and then recycles.

This garbage can on top comes with efficient size and shape fits for use in your home or office tight spaces. It also makes sure you are using the bin at the desk side and behind bar counters. This thing as well as ensures you use it in the kitchen too.

For those who want durable, all plastic, and easy to clean trash can, then it’s a decent option. The trash can also make sure you enjoy it for years.

  • This bin is very sturdy and smartly designed.
  • It appears with heavy-duty handles to hold.
  • The trash can is light and sleek.
  • Great option for carrying hot water.
  • It comes at a decent price.
  • Some buyers find an issue with color.

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11. Rubbermaid Commercial FGST12EPLRD Trash Can

This trash can from the Rubbermaid brand comes with a piano hinge lid that makes sure it never goes rearward. It also allows you to easily hold with no forceful feel.

And, this trash can come with FM approved quality with a red powder coat finish and a rigid plastic liner for users to feel no snag or tear. Built with steel, it assures no rust trouble as well.

This trash can is a good pick if you want an FM, OSHA, and Federal OBRA approved options. It also has a footstep to pop up the lid.

  • The customer service helps a lot to learn new tricks.
  • It is built with tough material to last long.
  • The top lid makes sure no bad odor is coming.
  • It is trouble-free to clean.
  • This bin is solid for a good while.
  • Not suitable for kitchen use.

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How to Choose the Best Office Trash Can for Your Office?

Some major points you must consider o buy your next office trash can are nicely assorted below. These will help you identify the right trash can that matches your office’s productivity the best.

Opening Mechanism

Of course, the opening mechanism of a particular trash can is an important factor to consider when buying trash for office. Usually hinge lids are popular and known best for their simple usability. However, these are also messy since you need to lift them by hand.

The pedal operated lids are also popular that needs you to step on base. Another type of motion-activated lid that uses the sensor. These are usually operated through a battery or a plug-in outlet.

Built-In Quality

Typically, the trash can is made of plastic or metals. The stainless and aluminum made cans are considered good for providing a nice construction. Plastic versions are less expensive however they are also more likely to fall apart.

The metal versions are better at providing a modern look. However, these needs regular cleaning or else streaky and dented looks become obvious. For a softer and more natural aesthetic vibe, you can also consider natural material made cans.

The Liner Rim Feature

Trash cans that come with liner rim make it super easy to hold a trash bag for holding all garbage. And later you can easily clean the trash at one go. Also because of the rim, there’s less visibility of the bag inside. So, you may want to go for a version that provides such smooth functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is stainless steel trash expensive?

Nearly all trash bins that are made from stainless steel come at an expensive price point. As this type of trash can is greater in quality and lasts longer, they come in a higher value. Plus, stainless steel is better than plastic which won’t absorb odors.

How bigger should trash cans be?

The trash cans come with a good variety of sizes with small, medium, and large selections. But for office use, the trash bin is good enough if it has 7 to 10 gallons of grime holding ability. As office trash is being used frequently, it's better to have a big size.

Is it okay to have trash in a paper bag?

Usually, it’s fine to throw away if you have the trash in paper bags. However, not all trash cans are allowed to trash in paper bags for office use.

The Bottom Line

And that was our list of the Best Office Trash Can available these days. You definitely want to settle with your final choice that actually is worth your value and time. So, pay the right amount of time and attention to discover that smooth functional trash can pick for your workplace. Good Luck on That Mission!

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