5 Amazing Printers For Etsy Business

Printer For Etsy Business

Platform like Etsy helps you to get crazy-level orders with lots of clients. And for more orders and more clients, you need a good quality printer that would foster your business in a short time.

To take your printing selling service to a whole different level, you need the best printer for Etsy business that has good printing resolution, great compatibility with different OS, supports versatile labels, low running cost, faster printing, etc.

In this article, I will review some top-notch and trending printing devices for the Etsy business.

Top 5 Printing machines For Etsy Business

Apart from printing many designs or art prints, to run your small business or Etsy shop smoothly, you can wonderful print Etsy shipping labels if you have a good printer.

Finding and analyzing which inkjet printer or laser printer would be most suitable for Etsy’s business takes a lot of effort.

To cut out extra time from your schedule, I have already prepared a list of some really good printers for your Etsy business keeping different printing needs in mind. This list was made after doing intensive research on the current market. Here they are… 

1. iDPRT SP410 Thermal Printer – Best Printer For Busy Business

iDPRT SP410 Thermal Shipping Label Printer As a printing business person, you already know that a printer must have high speed to meet the bulk amount of orders of your Etsy business.

And the iDPRT SP410 thermal label printer will ensure it by giving you 72 label printing per minute using its 150mm/s high-speed thermal technology.

Plus, this thermal printing device is durable and you can print labels without any ink or toner making it ultra user-friendly for Etsy business. 

Besides, the iDPRT SP410 printer is compatible with Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. In addition to that, this printer is quite easy to operate and the auto label detection feature saves paper from waste. However, this printer does not come with any built-in Wi-Fi options. 

Along with that, the installation process is super easy and it is suitable for different types of label or sticker paper like stack and roll type. The iDPRT SP410 supports multiple shipping label sizes like 3×1’’, 4×3’’, 4×2’’, and 4×6’’ making it one of the top-notch printers for popular eCommerce platforms.

Moreover, the compact size and lightweight increase the portability. Even the maintenance is easy, along with that the noiseless printing increase users’ comfort.

When it comes to the printing quality, it will add value to your business with its good quality printing. Sadly the power cord of the printer moves and may not fit tightly.

All in all, iDPRT SP410 printer is a great buy for printing labels considering the price tag and the positive and negative sides. 


  1. Easy to install plus compatible with MAC OS, Windows & Linux
  2. High-speed print speed up to 72 labels per minute
  3. Low running cost, portable and quiet
  4. Good printing quality with a reasonable price tag
  5. Support varieties label size and durable


  1. No wi-fi feature for the user
  2. The power cord gets loose sometimes

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2. LabelRange 300DPI Thermal Label Printer- Affordable Shipping Label Printer

LabelRange 300DPI Resolution Thermal Label PrinterThe LabelRange 300DPI thermal label printer is a first-class printer that can meet your printing needs if you are engaged in a printing business like Etsy business.

To make a good profit, you need a low-running cost printer and the LabelRange 300DPI does exactly that as it does not need any ink cartridge or toner. In addition to that, the 300DPI resolution printing quality will help you to print good quality labels for your clients or Etsy store.

Plus, this printer is perfect for shipping carrier labels, address labels, warehouse labels, barcode label, etc. Not only that, the 5 in/sec printing speed will surely help to deliver your printing product much faster than before. Ultimately, help a lot to grow your Etsy business.

In addition to that, it’s easy to install and it can print labels like 4×6’’, 4×4’’, 2×1’’ etc. Speaking of the portability, it’s superb having only 2.62 pounds. So, this lightweight nature also makes it one of the best printers for seniors too. 

Moreover, automatic label identification reduces the chance of wasting sheets. One of the best things is you will get 100 sheets of 4×6’’ fanfold labels and 1GB memory storage in it. 

Though it’s compatible with MAC, Windows, and Linux, it does not have any wireless connection feature. Furthermore, operating the printer is also easy and Unlike many printers, you can enjoy a noiseless printing session at your workstation.

Analyzing the dark and bright side of the LabelRange 300DPI laser printer would be an outstanding pick for your business at a quite cheap price. 


  1. Low running cost & 300 DPI resolution printing
  2. 5 in/sec high-speed printing & excellent low price rate
  3. Easy to install & operate, support different label sizes
  4. Automatic label identification, portable 
  5. Quite running, 1GB storage & free 100 sheets 4x6’’ size


  1. No wireless system for mobile printing 

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3. Arkscan 2054A Shipping Labeler – Ideal Label Printer For Small Business

Arkscan 2054A Shipping Label PrinterIntroducing the best shipping label printer of recent times. Yes, the Arkscan 2054A is one of the best multi-functional printers that would assist you to smoothly grow your business due to its amazing features.

First of all, this professional-grade printer supports a wide range of labels which is great for you if want to print a shipping label. The running cost of the printer is pretty low and the higher printing rate of 5 sec/inch will help you to boost your Etsy business.

In addition to that, the decent printing quality with a resolution of 203×203 DPI will increase your overall label printing quality. Along with that, it also supports roll paper and fanfold paper for printing. This wonderful printer can smoothly print banner size labels up to 90 inches.

Plus, the Arkscan 2054A printer can print product labels, barcode labels, etc. Not only that, both the setup and operating of the printer are easy. 

Moreover, it’s compatible with Windows, Apple Mac, Chromebook, and Windows. Starting from 0.75’’ width up to 4.25’’ width label printing will add great value for your Etsy business. It supports printing shipping labels like 4×6’’ and 4×8.25’’. 

Besides, you will also get free software using which you will be able to design labels but that’s only limited to windows. Also, the compact design of the printer helps you to store or hide it easily in home office. Though it gets easily configured with windows but a bit difficult to configure with a Mac. 

Considering everything, the Arkscan 2054A printer would be a good call for your Etsy business. 


  1. Prints wide range of labels & provides faster printing
  2. Supports roll paper & fanfold
  3. Easy setup and standard resolution printing
  4. Free software, compact design, and reasonable price
  5. Low running cost & supports 4X6’’ sheet


  1. Give hard time connecting with MAC

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4. Jaden’s Bluetooth Thermal Labeler – User-friendly Bluetooth Shipping Label Printer

Bluetooth Thermal Shipping Label Printer The Jaden’s Bluetooth Thermal high tech label printer can print 203 DPI high-quality barcode and Etsy shipping label without the need for any kind of ink and toners. Which makes the Jadens Bluetooth thermal printer an ultra perfect choice for Etsy business.

In addition to that, you can connect it with Android and iPhone via the Bluetooth feature and then print from the mobile phone easily.

Plus, you don’t need an extra paper holder for the printer which keeps your workplace clean. Along with the printer, you will get 100 sheets size of 4×6’’ labels. 

Using the ” Shipping Printer ” apps you can do the printing job conveniently. Unfortunately before printing different types of labels, you have to edit the size manually in Adobe or the software every time.

Besides, compact size, easy use plus easy to install make it more convenient for you to use. Speaking of the printing speed, 150mm/s high speed printing will make you able to print the client order perfectly. 

Moreover, the Jaden Bluetooth Thermal printer supports versatile width labels starting from 1.57″ up to 4.1″. You can smoothly print labels like food labels, express labels & XXXX labels, etc. 

Furthermore, it can also print roll labels plus fanfold labels which would be useful for an Etsy seller. As it can print a quite wide range of labels, it will help you to become successful in your Etsy business. 

As a whole, the Jaden Bluetooth Thermal Printer would be a terrible deal without any second thought. 


  1. High quality 203 DPI printing & low running cost
  2. Faster printing with 150 mm/s 
  3. Shipping Printer apps, easy to use & easy to install
  4. Mobile printing via Bluetooth
  5. Varieties label printing with free 100 sheet size 4x6 "


  1. Have to edit different size labels every time

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5. AOBIO D4 Label Printer- Best Etsy Shipping Label Printer For Mac

AOBIO Shipping Label Printer

The AOBIO D4 label printer would be a mind-boggling purchase for your printing business as it offers you lots of bells & whistles. 

The very first thing you will notice is that it’s super easy to use and install this amazing printer. The AOBIO D4 gonna will provide a smooth printing session without any paper jams.

A high-speed printer is a must to grow your business and AOBIO D4 can help you to grow your Etsy business. The 152mm/s printing speed with 60 sheets 4×6’’ size per minute will help to generate daily client orders without any extra pressure.

Speaking of versatility, it can print different types of labels like shipping labels, bulk mailing labels, barcodes, ID & warehouse labels, etc with a brilliant level resolution of 203 DPI high resolution. Both these features will add great value to boom your Etsy business.

Plus, the AOBIO D4 small label printer will be an extremely low-running cost printer that will boost your profit due to no ink & toner cost. However, this label maker printer does not offer you any wireless connection system like Wi-Fi which is a major lacking.

Moreover, the AOBIO D4 is also compatible with Windows and Mac. In addition to that, the compact size with its quiet printing ability increases the user’s overall comfort. 

If you’re looking for an affordable printer for Etsy, the AOBIO D4 thermal printer costing less than 100 is perfect for your needs.


  1. Provide jam-free printing 
  2. Compact, quiet, and 60 sheet/minute faster print
  3. Supports varieties labels, very low running cost
  4. Compatible with Mac, Windows plus 203 DPI resolution 


  1. No wireless connection system for mobile printing

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How to Choose A Printer for Your Etsy Business? [Buying Guide]

Dollar never comes free until it’s a coupon or lottery. Every purchase you do a lot of dollars are going to someone else's pocket. But that’s not the problem as long as you are getting proper value after purchasing your stuff.

Before buying a business laser printer for your Etsy business, you must cross-check some factors that are there to ensure a great printer. Let’s see what are those factors...

Easy to Use & Install

When it comes to business, you don’t want any extra hassle, right? To make sure your money is well spent, you should try to purchase a printer that comes with an easy setup plus easy installation.

Furthermore, a printer that comes with a minimalist button will help a lot to operate the printer efficiently. 


As a seller, you must check that the specific label printer will work with the Etsy distribution platform. If it does not support Etsy then there’s no point in buying such printers. 

Moreover, you must ensure you are buying the right printer that would be easily compatible with your desktop or laptop operating system. 

Printing Speed

One of the most important features you need is to maintain consistent delivery as per your client's order. You must ensure your printer has a printing speed of at least 50 sheets of labels per minute. 

Otherwise, it won’t be an excellent value for money. Another parameter you can see is at least 150 mm/sec printing speed. With such speed, you will be easily able to grow your Etsy business day by day.


Among the label printers, some connect via the USB port while some printers offer wireless connectivity features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. 

It would be better to go for a printer that has a mobile printing feature. Though not having mobile printing does not make much difference. But mobile printing will cut off your overall stress during printing work.

Label Types & Size

This feature would be the top priority among all due to its allocated percentage in your Etsy business. Can you imagine making your business larger if your printer is unable to print versatile labels? No, Right? 

In good eCommerce platforms like Etsy, your clients will be going to demand you labels like ID labels, shipping label, warehouse labels, nutrition labels, clothing size labels, etc. If your printer does not support printing one of these then you won't be able to take orders.

In addition to that, ensure that your label printer supports a 4x6’’ label. As well as ensure that it supports both fanfold labels and roll labels. 

Low Running Cost

Another great thing you should consider while buying a printer for your Etsy business. As long as you are buying a thermal printer for your business, you won’t need any ink cost but a yearly maintenance cost is there. So look for printers that require less maintenance.


When it comes to considering the label printing resolution it should be at least 203 DPI. Resolution lower than this would not provide quality printing for your customer.

You can choose from 203 DPI up to 600 DPI for standard quality label printing. The higher the resolution the price would be higher too. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is a thermal printer good for the label printing business on Etsy?

Yes, the thermal printer can be an excellent option for label printing for Etsy due to its high-end technology.

What factors are important for a good printer for Etsy business?

For Etsy business, you will require a printer that offers you good printing speed, standard printing resolution, low running cost, highly compatible with different operating systems & support varieties of labels.

How can a good printer help you to gain more profit in your Etsy business?

You can get more profit by printing more labels at lower running costs and this is how you can add more profit to your Etsy business. Not only that, you will be able to take more orders than before just because of a good printer.

What are the best Etsy-compatible printers?

Printers like AOBIO D4 thermal printer, iDPRT SP410 thermal printer, ARKSCAN 2054A thermal printer, and Jaden's Bluetooth Thermal high tech label printer are the best Etsy compatible printers.

Which inkjet printer is best for the Etsy business?

Canon Pixma Pro-100 is the best inkjet printer for the Etsy business. However, for the most efficient results I prefer using a laser printer for Etsy business.

Final Note

It’s not a simple task to filter out the best printer for Etsy business among hundreds of variations in the market. 

I have discussed both the good and bad of 5 worthy label printers so that you can easily find the one you want for your Etsy business.

I expect that you have already found the printer you were looking for. 

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