5 Smart Printers For Glossy Paper

printer for glossy paper

Glossy paper can really make your photos and printouts look amazing. Also, for any photographer or passionate guy, glossy paper plays a crucial role in printing high-end photos.

If you want to print extraordinary & top-notch photos using glossy paper then you need to buy a printer that’s most appropriate & perfect for printing glossy paper. But finding the best printer for glossy paper can be tricky.

Therefore, I’ll give you the lowdown on what type of printer is best for your needs so that you get the most out of your new purchase. So whether you’re a glossy paper aficionado or just looking for a new photo printer, read on for everything you need to know!

Best Printer For Glossy Paper: Top 5 Printers

 printer for glossy paper

A top-grade printer for printing glossy paper requires features like first-class paper handling, glossy paper support, wider connectivity, low operating cost, top-notch print quality, etc.

Many different types of printers are available in the market, and some claim to be good but aren’t, so it becomes difficult to determine the best one for glossy paper.

In this short article, I will talk about some decent quality printers which are exceptional for printing on glossy paper according to the findings of our team. Kudos to your printing time! Without any delay let’s explore those…

1. Epson EcoTank ET-2720- Overall Best Printer For Glossy Paper

The Epson EcoTank ET-2720 is one of the low-running cost printers which you can select for your glossy paper printing.

This inkjet printer comes with MicroPiezo Inkjet technology which ensures top-notch print quality. It produces a high-resolution 5760 x 1440 DPI photo with outstanding details plus excellent color accuracy.

Plus, the setup of the Epson ET-2720 would be dead easy. One of the unique & best features is that you don’t need to remove the ink cartridge, you just need to fill the ink tank & trust me it’s easy. In addition to that, the ink cost is low which lowers your total operating cost.

In addition to that, different connectivity features like USB, Wi-Fi & Ethernet make it ultra user-friendly. The Epson ET-2720 is also compatible with Mac & Windows which is great.

Besides, the printing speed of Epson ET-2720 is standard with 10.5 ppm for black & 5 ppm for color. This wonderful photo printer can also do the scanning and copying tasks for you smoothly. However,  one of the shortcomings is that you can’t run all the functions using the Mac OS.

Moreover, the 1.44″ color LCD helps you to navigate flawlessly. The Epson ET-2720 can print papers like plain paper, photo paper glossy, premium photo paper glossy, ultra-premium photo paper glossy, sticker paper, etc.

Sad to say, the Epson printer does not have any auto duplex printing feature & automatic document feeder. Wrapping up all things, I would recommend you to buy this fantastic printer if are looking smart and fast home printer.


  1. Outstanding photo quality with high resolution
  2. Supports different types of glossy paper
  3. Extremely low operating cost due to low ink cost
  4. Easy setup & control with scan & copy feature
  5. Ample amount of printing speed plus wider connectivity


  1. Can’t run all functions under Mac
  2. Auto duplex & ADF is dismissing

2. HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 Wireless Printer- Best For Beginners

The multipurpose HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 helps you to scan, fax & copy along with the printing. The best part of this OfficeJet Pro is that it supports a variety of glossy paper for printing photos effectively. You will find a good print on glossy paper, vinyl sticker, envelope, cardstock paper & plain paper.

Besides, it comes with a mind-boggling printing speed of 22 ppm. This amazing unit has a quite low running cost which makes it suitable for home use or small office.

Plus, the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 has versatile connectivity features like Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet, etc. You will enjoy smooth mobile printing on this unit using apps like Mopri, Apple AirPrint & HP Smart App from your smartphone.

In addition to that, the setup of the machine isn’t complex & it would be a breeze. Despite the photo printer being compact, the weight is quite high which reduces the portability of the printer.

Moreover, for your convenience plus printing efficiency, the HP 9015 is packed with features like auto duplex, auto document feeder, 250 sheet input tray & stylish color touchscreen. Due to the responsive touchscreen, you will find it easy to navigate.

Furthermore, this smart all-in-one hp printer is compatible with MAC and Windows OS which makes it ultra user-friendly. As opposed to other copycat printers, it ensures a stable wireless connection because of the self-healing Dual-Band Wi-Fi. However, it can’t print files from Microsoft Office using the smartphone.

Finally, it has a built-in HP security system that ensures your data privacy.


  1. Print various papers including glossy paper & easy setup plus control
  2. Ultra-low operating cost & compact design
  3. Wireless printing from smartphone
  4. Compatible with Mac, Windows, Chrome OS plus auto duplex
  5. HP security ensure data privacy


  1. Weight is pretty high
  2. Microsoft Word printing from the mobile phone is not possible

3. Canon Pixma TR4520- Best Budget-friendly Printer For Glossy Paper 

Canon Pixma TR4520 would be an awesome printer if you are searching for a photo printer that prints glossy paper perfectly.

Though it’s a reasonably priced printer, it does not compromise the quality. You will notice the high color accuracy plus sharp photo, excellent saturation plus no graininess. However, the photo-printing speed of the Pixma TR4520 is a bit slower compared to others.

In addition to that, it can print 8 ppm for black text documents which is okay. To add more comfort for users this glossy paper-friendly printer offers you an auto-duplex feature & 20 sheets automatic document feeder which increases productivity.

Besides, the setup and control of the Pixma TR4520 come with no muss, no fuss. It’s quite simple and the controlling is easy too.

Moreover, this photo printer is loaded with numerous connection features like USB & Wi-Fi. Along with that, the Pixma TR4520 can print stuff like borderless printing (flyers), digital negatives, brochures, etc with high quality.

Speaking of compatibility, you can use it with your desktop or laptop on both Windows and Mac operating systems. You can print documents and photos directly using the CanonPrint App.

Furthermore, the lightweight and compact design of Pixma TR4520 makes it one of the simplest home printers for old men and women. This beast can print sheets up to 8.5 x 14″ which is great.

Unfortunately, the Pixma TR4520 has a higher running cost which is a major drawback. Along with the printing you can do copy and scan which makes it highly efficient for the workplace.

Overall the Pixma TR4520 would be a great purchase for glossy paper.


  1. Lightweight & compact design with a moderate price range
  2. Produce sharp & high color accuracy photo
  3. Supports wireless printing from smartphone plus compatible with Mac & Windows
  4. Easy setup, controlling plus multiple connectivities


  1. Operating cost is a bit high
  2. Photo printing is quite slow

4. Brother MFC-JD805DW Inkjet Printer – Popular for Low Operating Cost

In our list, the Brother MFC-JD805DW inkjet printer is the 4th printer that comes with tons of features to provide you with the ultimate comfy printing experience.

First of all, this magnificent photo printer comes with good connectivity features like Wi-Fi, USB 2.0 which makes it easier to use. Printing from your Android & iPhone would be no issue for this printer.

In addition to that, the Brother MFC-JD805DW comes with 20 sheets auto document feeder, duplex printing, and 150 sheets of paper tray capacity to alleviate your printing comfort.

Plus, the running cost of the Brother MFC-JD805DW is significantly low. The monochrome and color pages per page cost 1 cent and less than 5 cents consecutively. The scanning quality of both photos & documents is mind-boggling in this affordable printer.

Besides, it supports glossy paper printing & the output of photo quality is outstanding with high detail & vibrant color. The black text document output is also pretty decent. This phenomenal unit will produce pictures with an uncompromised resolution of 6000 x 1200 DPI. So, It could be an excellent option, if you are searching for a good printer for journaling.  

Moreover, it can print up to 8.5 x 14’’ paper and supports different types of paper including glossy paper or coated paper. As an entry-level printer, the printing speed is moderate around 12ppm for black and 6ppm for the color page. Though the printer is compact, it has a good amount of weight which cut off the portability.

Regarding the setup and control, the Brother guy would be hassle-free & smooth. A built-in SD card slot for printing would have been great in this photo printer. However, the Brother MFC-JD805DW has a brighter side so you should go for it!


  1. Excellent paper handling
  2. Mind-Boggling low operating cost
  3. Produce high-resolution photos
  4. Printing speed is the standard plus compact design
  5. Strong Wireless connection


  1. No slot for SD card
  2. weight reduce portability

5. Canon G3200 Supertank (MegaTank) Printer- Perfect For Small Business

The final inkjet printer on our list is the Canon G3200 which can do both scanning and copying along with the printing stuff.

This printer will be the prime choice for those who want to print glossy paper with a very low operating cost. Yes, it can be an amazing printer for your Etsy business. In terms of connectivity, the Canon G3200 works great as it offers USB & Wireless connections for the user.

Plus, the 1200 DPI resolution will provide you a high quality, crisp and sharp photos that will surely meet your needs. You can smoothly print from Google Cloud Print or Canon  Print App using your Android phones & tablets.

You will find the setup, controlling, and ink refill of the Canon G3200 extremely effortless. Also, the lightweight & compact size of this canon printer makes it a friendly photo printer for home and office use.

In addition to that, the Canon G3200 comes with superior compatibility and it supports both Windows and Mac operating systems. Speaking of the paper size, it can easily print 4×6’’ up to 8.5×11’’ paper sheets without any issue.

Unlike many other printers, the Canon G3200 does not have any paper jamming issues. And for your convenience, it comes with an auto-duplex feature that saves your time. Unfortunately, it does not come with an automatic document feeder & fax feature for extra efficiency.

Though the printing speed of black text documents is 7.1 ppm, the color page printing speed is very low with only 3ppm. So make up your mind for a good quality photo but it will take a bit of time in the Canon G3200.


  1. Ultra cheap operating cost
  2. Wireless printing plus compact & lightweight
  3. Smoothly print photo on glossy photo paper with high clarity
  4. Supports scanning and copying
  5. Compatible with both Mac & Windows


  1. Color & graphical printing speed is low
  2. No fax & automatic document feeder

A Guide To Choosing A Good Printer For Glossy Paper

Best printer for glossy paper

Any intelligent & wise person will make sure he is getting the right value for his money before purchasing stuff that cost hundreds of dollars. It’s necessary to check some features before paying your cash to the seller so that no regret is there later on.

To ensure a great buy, you must ensure the following features are available in your printer…

Higher Resolution 

The printer that does not come with a good resolution won’t produce sharp, excellent color accuracy and vibrant photos even if you use the best photo paper. It’s extremely important to have a minimum 1200 DPI resolution if you are looking for the best photo printer for glossy paper.

However, resolution more than that would be counted as a bonus and generate better quality photos. Anything less than this resolution won’t give you enough details plus color. You must ensure this feature before hitting the buy button.

Paper Maintenance

Do you want to be more efficient in your workplace or passion? Then simply look for a photo printer that has a lot to offer when it comes to printer paper maintenance. Features like an auto duplex, automatic document feeder, front-rear paper tray, etc.

It’s not always possible to get all these features together but my suggestion for you is to search for a maximum number of these features. More paper handling features mean easier printing sessions.

Operating Cost

Whether you print because of passion or due to your earnings, it’s always best to go for a printer that consumes less ink & less money.

When operating costs are low, you can use the printer with a free mind. On the other hand, a printer with high operating costs will always keep you under the pressure of refilling the ink and spending more often.

It would be best to buy a printer that has around 1-2 cents cost per black print & less than 10 cents pet color printing.

Printing Speed

Though it’s no big deal it’s important too. As long as you are doing it out of passion then a slow printing speed with 1-2 color ppm is okay.

On the contrary, if you are looking for heavy printing of glossy paper then it’s crucial to look for a photo printer that can print at least 3-5 color pages per minute.

Excellent Connectivity & Compatibility

Undoubtedly one of the most important features while purchasing the printer for glossy paper. Irrespective of your printing volume it’s important to purchase a printer that offers you multiple connectivity features like Wi-Fi, USB & Ethernet.

The benefit of having these features in your printer will help you to print wirelessly directly from your smartphone & tablets. Even if the Wi-Fi generates any problem or is lacking then you can use the USB or Ethernet for printing glossy paper from your desktop or laptop.

A printer with wider compatibility gives you less pain. You don’t have to worry about using the printer from a different operating system. Ensure that your printer supports both Mac & Windows for printing.

Smooth setup & controlling

The final thing you need to look at during the process of buying a new printer for printing glossy paper is smooth setup & easy control. Try to avoid buying a printer that comes with a complex controlling system. It will save your energy plus increase efficiency.


What type of printer is suitable for printing glossy paper?

According to experts, both inkjet and laser printers are highly suitable for printing glossy paper. They usually don’t have any lagging printing any type of glossy paper.

What features are crucial while buying a printer for glossy paper?

Features like excellent photo quality, high resolution, smooth setup plus control, top-notch paper handling, broader connectivity, wider compatibility, ample amount of printing speed & lower operating cost are crucial for a printer for glossy paper.

Which printer is best for printing glossy paper?

According to my finding, the Epson Eco Tank ET-2720 is the best printer for glossy paper. However, the Canon G3200 & HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 are also great options for printing top-notch outcomes.

Is a printer for glossy paper printing too costly?

Not always. Some printers cost high while having fewer features while others have more features & low prices. But don’t expect high durability for low price printer.


With the pace of modernization, our needs are changing constantly. Same thing you can see in the field of photography.

You need specific types of specifications for printing glossy paper with high output. All these specifications are more or less present in the printers list mentioned above.

I hope among this list one will click for you and you will be able to buy the ideal printer for glossy paper.

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