5 Perfect Printers For Journaling With Buying Guide

Printer For Journaling

In this virtual but limited real-life society, some people feel suffocated and they want to express their feelings, they want to keep their daily lives memorable by doing journaling.

And, part of journaling is you keep the photo of your favorite moments of the day with friends and family. For that, you need a good printer that will help you to produce glossy, good quality and long-lasting photos. 

In this article, I will talk about the best printer for journaling according to my findings. Let’s dive in…

Top 5 Printers for Journaling with Pros and Cons

If you are in journaling for a long time or are even a beginner and looking for a printer that will deliver you the best shot for this purpose. You came to the right place. 

I have already made a list of 5 printers that are selected after doing tons of research so that you can save time and select the printer best suitable for journaling. So let’s have a look at what they offer…

1. HP Deskjet 2755e – Perfect Journaling Printer for Beginner

HP DeskJet 2755e Wireless Color All-in-One PrinterWith lots of bells & whistles, the HP Deskjet 2755e wireless printer will be an outstanding option for your journaling stuff. 

This printer supports wireless connectivity features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi which makes it ultra user-friendly for users. In addition to that, using the HP SmartApp you can do your printing, scanning, and copying from a mobile phone which will help you greatly.

When it comes to compatibility, the HP 2755e printer supports both Windows and Mac. You will get 5.5 ppm during color printing which is more than standard for home use.

Moreover, it can print versatile papers like plain paper, cardstock, glossy photo paper & glossy film which is great for doing journaling. Along with that, the HP 2755e can print paper sizes up to 8.5×14’’. 

Plus, the compact size of the HP 2755e with its energy-efficient technology marks it as a perfect home printer for you. 

Besides, the 60 sheets input tray and the 25 sheet output tray make the printing job easier for you. Due to the easy setup, you won’t have a hard time starting the inkjet printer. Just like any other machine one downside is that it often gets disconnected from your smartphone.

Furthermore, the printing color accuracy of the HP 2755 e is excellent. The LCD screen and the button of the printer are easy to use. The light weight of only 7.55 lbs makes it an ultra-portable printer.

Considering the price tag, the HP 2755e is undoubtedly an ultra-cheap printing unit you can purchase for journaling. 


  1. Cheap price tag & energy efficient
  2. Support versatile paper & maximum 8.5×14’’ paper
  3. Compact, portable plus wireless connection
  4. HP SmartApp for mobile printing with a speed of 5.5 color ppm
  5. Easy setup, installation with good color accuracy


  1. Often gets disconnected

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2. HP Sprocket Studio – Best Mini Printer For Journaling HP Sprocket Studio Photo Printer

When it comes to journaling it’s most suitable to have a printer that’s easy to carry plus instant print. The HP Sprocket Studio is one of the smaller sizes that does its job perfectly.

You can easily connect the printer with your smartphone via Bluetooth and then with the HP Sprocket app you can print instant photos. In terms of compatibility, this mini photo printer easily connects with both iPhone & android. Unfortunately, you won’t get any USB cable & Wi-Fi option for connection in this pocket printer.

Besides, the photo quality of this portable photo printer is high. It can print glossy & vibrant pictures on glossy photo paper which are water-resistant plus smudge-proof making it a perfect printer for journaling. 

In addition to that, the printing cost of the HP Sprocket Studio is pretty low. The highest size it can print is 4×6″ photos. However, it takes a long time to print each photo. 

Also, for your convenience, it has a photo edit & customizes option in the HP Sprocket app which makes it an awesome device for decorating your bullet journal or junk journal. Not only that, this outstanding laser printer does not produce any noise during printing. 

Furthermore, you will get 80 sheets of 4×6 ” glossy paper and 2 ink cartridges with it. Though it’s super compact it can hold up to 10 sheets of paper. 

Analyzing both pros and cons, the HP Sprocket Studio printer would be a great pick for journaling at a reasonable price.


  1. High quality glossy, vibrant picture 
  2. Compact, Bluetooth connection & reasonable price
  3. Quiet & low printing cost
  4. HP Sprocket App helps to customize photos & mobile printing
  5. Comes with 80 sheets of paper & 2 cartridges


  1. No option for USB & Wi-Fi connection
  2. The photo takes a bit longer time to print

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3. Epson Pro WF-4820 – Super Fast Printer For Journaling

Epson® Workforce® Pro WF-4820 Wireless Color Inkjet All-In-One Printer The Epson Pro WF-4820 is a heavy-duty inkjet printer packed with multiple features that would increase the overall fun in your journaling time. The top noticeable feature of this guy is the faster printing with 12 color pages per minute due to the Precision Core technology. This feature also makes the printer ideal for small business like Esty

In addition to that, having 4800×2400 DPI it generates high-quality print using its DuraBrite Ultra instant-dry pigment ink which is required for journaling. 

Unlike many inkjet printers, it has built-in innovative heat-free technology that keeps the printing machine free from heating up & increases its reliability. 

Plus, the 4.3″ touchscreen lets you control the printer easily. Using the Epson Smart Panel App, you can do printing from your iPhone or Android phone.

Besides, the Epson 4820 is a compact journaling printer that comes with a sturdy build to ensure long-time use. It also supports the Alexa voice control feature for more convenience. Epson ensures that you can easily set up and install the printer for your regular use.

This terrific printer has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, Ethernet connection features. But one of the downsides is that the connection of the Epson 4820 often gets disconnected. 

Moreover, the auto 2 sided printing, seamless scanning,  250 sheet paper capability & 35 pages ADF will surely add value to journaling.

Furthermore, this energy-efficient home printer will consume comparatively less electricity. However, the printing color of the printer may cost a bit high which also increases the running cost.

Looking at both bright & dark sides, though the Epson 4820 has a high price rate it would be an excellent buy.


  1. Ultra-fast 12 ppm color printing with high-quality print
  2. Energy-efficient plus no heating issue
  3. Durable, compact plus easy to install & use
  4. Multiple connection feature with Alexa voice control feature
  5. Epson Smart Panel app help to do mobile printing


  1. Printers often lose their connection to the PC & smartphone
  2. Running cost is more than average

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4. Canon SELPHY CP1300 Wireless Printer- Best Beginner-friendly Journaling Printer

Canon SELPHY CP1300 Inkjet Wireless Photo PrinterThe Canon SELPHY CP1300 wireless printer is the easiest mini printer for journaling. Despite being small, it comes with tons of features.

Plus, the printing speed of the SELPHY CP1300 is fantastic. It can smoothly print postcard size 4×6 photos approximately at 47 seconds while borderless photos close to 39 seconds. 

Not only that, the instant photo will be dry and of standard quality. Also, you can print from the SELPHY CP1300 printer from an SD card & USB drive. 

Besides, this amazing journaling printer can print up to 4×6″ photos, and also the setup is quite easy compared to other printers. So, it’s also the best senior-friendly printer for journaling. Also, you will find the operating cost of the printer is much lower than other printers.

Moreover, it’s also compatible with Mac & Windows which provides you with more options for printing. Along with that, you can do mobile printing using the Canon PRINT app from your iPhone & Android. These features make it an ultra suitable printer for journaling.  

Furthermore, you can easily choose, edit and print using the 3.2″ LCD screen. The compact size, ultra-lightweight, and battery help to print photos anywhere anytime which is awesome for journaling.

One of the drawbacks of the printer is that it does not generate very high-resolution photos which make it non-suitable for an art journal. 

Overall, I think, the SELPHY CP1300 is the best portable photo printer for journaling though the price tag is a bit high.


  1. Fast printing & support size up to 4×6″
  2. Easy to use & low running cost
  3. Compatible with Mac & Windows plus allow mobile printing
  4. Lightweight, battery backup, compact size helps to print anytime


  1. Photo resolution is not very high

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5. HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e- Best All-in-One Printer For Journaling

HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e Wireless Color All-in-One PrinterThe HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e printer will be a wonderful selection for journaling purposes as you can print excellent planner stickers, vinyl stickers, decals etc. It’s loaded with features that will surely meet your journaling need.

Plus, the HP 9015e has a fantastic speed of 18 color pages per minute and comes with 6 months of Hp instant ink. It can print sheet sizes from 3×5 ” up to 8.5×14″. The HP Pro 9015e can print high-quality photos and stickers, which is crucial for journaling. 

In addition to that, you can connect the printer with a USB port & Ethernet. This HP device can do auto duplex printing and for users’ comfort, it comes with a 250 sheet input tray. 

Furthermore, dual-band Wi-Fi keeps the Wi-Fi connection uninterrupted. Even the running cost of the HP Pro 9015e is pretty reasonable which makes it a good choice for journaling stuff. Unfortunately, this powerful printer has only one paper input source.

Also, you can smoothly do printing, scanning, and copying from your iPhone & Android using the HP SMART APP on the HP Pro 9015e printer. 

I would say that taking into account both its positive and negative characteristics, the HP Pro 9015e is a remarkably good printer for serious journalists.


  1. Good quality photos
  2. Mobile printing using HP Smart App 
  3. Versatile connection options
  4. Faster color printing & dual-band Wi-Fi
  5. Running cost is moderate & support up to 8.5×14″


  1. Only one paper input source

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Guide to Buying a good Printer for Journaling: Things to Consider

When it comes to spending or investment whether it’s small or big a little bit of detailed idea or knowledge is always helpful. It helps you to go for the right purchase by avoiding the wrong product.

Journaling does not require a high-quality printer, however, you need to look for some specific factors that will help to make journaling more fun. 


When you are going to purchase a new journaling-friendly printer, it’s crucial to look for multiple connectivity features. The printer that offers a wireless connection, Bluetooth & USB connection will assist you to print easily.

Especially mobile printing helps a lot to do journaling even during your traveling season.

Print Quality

If you buy a printer for journaling that can’t print good quality photos then it would be a total waste of dollars. 

You must ensure that the printer you are going to purchase can print photos that have crisp vibes and good color accuracy. 

Running Cost

Buying printers that require lower ink cost & overall lower running cost will make your journaling more enjoyable and cost-effective. For this case, it’s recommended to buy a printer that does not require buying extra ink. Even if it requires it should be low cost compared to others.

Printing Speed

After a hectic day would you like to use a printer that would take a long time for printing a photo? No, Right? 

So, you need to ensure you are getting a printer that has an ample amount of speed that won’t make your journaling time a boring one. The range can vary from 1-20 color pages per minute. 

If you get a detailed color photo in under one minute, that’s fine for journaling.

Printing Paper Size

One of the most important features you need to look for before ordering your next printer. What type of paper size you need to print depends on you. But a standard you should search for printer that has minimum ability to print  4×6’’ size paper smoothly. 

Smart App for Editing Photo

Though it seems unnecessary if you are a beginner and doing journaling for a long time, you must have gone through the pain of manual editing. Now there are smart apps available using which you can create collages and edit photos according to your desire.

So, you should look for a printer that is compatible with Smart App so that you can effortlessly edit photos using your SmartPhone. For example, you want to insert 3 different pictures in one single picture using collage and you can do it using Smart App.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features are important in the printer for journaling?

Features like fast printing, good quality photos, Smart App, and multiple connectivity options are important for a printer to do journaling.

Should I buy a high-end printer for journaling stuff?

No, you don’t have to buy a high-end printer because a moderate-level printer meets the requirement of journaling.

Is the running cost of a printer an important factor for journaling?

Yes, it’s an important factor. Because a high running cost will add more dollars to your spending list which you don't want when you have the option to save those dollars.

What are some excellent printers for journaling?

Printers like HP Deskjet 2755e, HP Sprocket Studio, Canon SELPHY CP1300, and Epson Pro WF-4820 are superb for continuing your journaling life.


Finding the right printers, then comparing among them, and making a top 5 list was not easy. Though each has its lacking, they offer a lot and will add value to your journaling journey.

I hope you have already found the most appropriate printer for journaling on the upper mentioned list. Happy Journaling dear!

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