Excellent Printer For Passport Photos: 5 Top Picks of 2022

Best Printer For Passport Photos

I know passport size photos play an important role starting from visa, entering a new job, admitting your kids into a new school, traveling & also starting a course in a university and what not!

Passport size requires a clear picture so an excellent printer for printing passport photos must-have features like high resolution, support for passport size printing, low operating cost per print, wider connectivity options, ease of use & control plus outstanding compatibility.

In this short article, 5 printers are listed & among them, I hope you will get your best printer for passport photos.

 Top 5  Passport Photo Printing Devices 

Like every other specializing field it requires quite a long time to do proper research to filter out the best product for your specific needs. An amazing shortlist of 5 was designed after comparing and measuring all the pros & cons. 

Ultimately it saves your time at the end of a hectic day. So let’s see those printers without cutting any time… 

1. HP Sprocket Studio Photo Printer

The first printer on the list is the HP Sprocket Studio Photo Printer which comes with lots of bells & whistles. This ultra-lightweight plus easy to set up printer would be an excellent choice for printing passport photos.

Speaking of photo quality, the HP Sprocket Studio Photo can generate photos with 300 DPI that is vibrant in color, instant-dry, smudge-proof & water-resistant. Simply you will get the photo that’s gonna last for a very long time 

Plus, the ultra-compact size of the printer makes it a perfect choice for small businesses as it will require little space on your workstation. Adding to that, this laser technology printer can print up to only 4 x 6’’ size glossy photo paper which is a big downside but it is suitable for passport size photos.

For easy connection, it comes with a Bluetooth feature. However, a Wi-Fi connection feature is missing. Also, for your convenience, you have the option to go cordless for printing using portable batteries.

In addition to that, using the HP Sprocket App you can print photos from different social media platforms like Facebook & Google Photos, etc. This app will also help you to get templates to make photo albums, cards, collages, etc.

Moreover, the HP Sprocket Studio Photo printer is compatible with both iOS & Android smartphones or tablets. The 20-sheet input tray of the HP Sprocket App will increase the printing efficiency. 

Finally, the printing cost is amazingly low which is less than 50 cents per photo & which makes it an affordable printer.


  1. Print photos that are water resistant, smudge-proof
  2. Ultra-compact size & 300 DPI 
  3. HP Sprocket App let you print from versatile media platforms
  4. Compatible with both iOS & Android
  5. Low printing cost,  20 sheet input tray


  1. Support up to only 4 x 6’’ sheet
  2. Wi-Fi is not available 

2. Epson PictureMate PM-400 Printer

The Epson PictureMate PM-400 printer would be a wonderful printer for printing passport photos because it’s loaded with features.

First of all, the print quality of the Epson PM-400 is terrific & you will get sharp, crisp, high color accuracy photos. It comes with a resolution of 5760 x 1440. Also, the photos are highly durable due to water, smudge & fade resistance.

Plus, you will find the setup & controlling of the Epson PM-400 to be smooth & easy. Due to the 6lb lightweight and compact design, you can keep this printer in any corner of your small business office. 

Besides, the Epson PM-400 can print high-quality borderless photos of 4 x 6’’ & 5 x 7’’. Compatibility with both iOS & Android uplifts the user-friendliness of the printer. 

Moreover, using the Epson iPrint, you can do wireless printing in the Epson PM-400 from your phone. Part of the connectivity comes with Wi-Fi direct & USB feature so printing from both desktop or laptop would not be an issue.

Furthermore, the printing speed of 36 seconds for the 4 x 6’’ size photo is pretty good. Even the operating cost of the Epson PM-400 is pretty low with a per print cost below 50 cents.

So far I have talked about the bright side of the Epson PM-400. Now let’s see the two negative points. One is that the price of the printer is a bit expensive & the later one is that it does not support printing versatile papers. 

Considering both pros & cons the Epson PictureMate PM-400 would be a great buy!


  1. Compact plus lightweight design is perfect for a small workspace
  2. Controlling & setup is convenient
  3. Offer wireless printing and USB port 
  4. Produce durable, sharp, clear, crisp photos
  5. Printing speed is moderate & low operating cost


  1. Does not support different types of sheets
  2. The price tag is high

3. Canon SELPHY CP1300  Printer

The Canon SELPHY CP 1300 wireless printer is one of the top-notch fast printers that can produce great quality photos. Starting from the setup & controlling, the Canon SELPHY CP 1300 would be a breeze.

You will be amazed at the print quality of the Canon SELPHY CP 1300 as it will deliver pretty good sharp & color-accuracy photos. In addition to that, the low-cost printing with only close to 35 cents for a 4 x 6 size print is excellent & makes it an affordable one.

Even the printing speed of 4 x 6’’ photos around 47 seconds and borderless photos approximately 40 seconds is quite impressive. However, it has an issue of paper jamming that’s a major drawback. 

For your convenience, the Canon SELPHY CP 1300 comes with both Wireless & USB features. Besides, this outstanding unit lets you directly print from the printer using an SD card & USB drive. 

Speaking of the compatibility, the printer supports both Mac & Windows which is awesome. Using the Canon PRINT app you can smoothly print in the Canon SELPHY CP 1300 from both your iPhone & Android.

The printing resolution of Canon SELPHY CP 1300 is awesome with 300 x 300 DPI. Another shortcoming is it does not have the ability to print different sizes of paper because it can only print up to 4 x 6’’ sheets.

Furthermore, the compact & lightweight design of the Canon SELPHY CP 1300 makes it an extremely suitable printer for home use & small business. I would recommend you to grab this one asap!


  1. Easy setup with faster printing speed
  2. Low running cost & provide sharp, crisp photos
  3. Supports both USB & Wi-Fi & 300 x 300 DPI
  4. Great compatibility and compact- lightweight design
  5. Direct print from SD Card & USB drive


  1. Does not support a variety size of sheets
  2. Often create a paper jamming issue

4. Kodak Dock Photo Printer

The Kodak Dock printer is loaded with tons of features to meet the requirement of printing passport size photos efficiently.

Credit goes to the brilliant dye simulation technology of the Kodak Dock that provides high-quality color blended, sharp, crisp & ultra-durable 300 DPI photos that can last for many years. Along with that, this low operating cost printer cost only around 50 cents per page.

When it comes to connectivity the Kodak Dock offers a wide range of features. You can use both Wi-Fi & USB for printing your passport size photos. In addition to that, this nice-looking printer is also compatible with both iOS & Android.

Besides, the lightweight & compact design makes the Kodak Dock printer a perfect choice for both home plus office use. The setup & control of this printer would be smooth. 

Moreover, you can print, edit, crop, add text, stickers & borders into your photos using the Kodak Photo Printer app from your smartphone. The Kodak Dock can print high-resolution, digital camera images for around 2 minutes which is a bit time-consuming. 

Everything comes with a cost so does the Kodak Dock printer too. Though its supports up to 4 x 6’’ sheet for printing is a good thing from another point of view, the paper size is very limited.

As a whole, the Kodak Dock is a reasonable printer that would be beneficial for your passport size printing task.


  1. Dye simulation technology ensures bright, sharp & crisp photo
  2. Lightweight plus compact design & compatible with both iOS, Android
  3. Print, edit, crop using the Kodak Photo Printer App
  4. Operating cost is quite low
  5. Setup & running would be a breeze


  1. Printing speed is a bit slow
  2. Does not print more than 4 x 6’’ size photos

5.  Passport Photo Printer System

The final one of the list is the Passport Photo Printer System which comes with a whole package with the stuff you need for passport size photos.

To begin with, the printer of this package can print good quality photos which are durable. The dye sublimation technology ensures bright, color accuracy & appropriate color blend photos. 

Besides, the printing speed of the printer is well-enough & can print a color photo in around 47 seconds. Along with that, it supports printing photo size from 2 x 2’’ up to borderless 4 x 6’’. Sadly, it does not support printing other than a 4 x 6’’ size sheet.

In addition to that, this printer lets you connect the camera to the printer directly with the USB port. You can also use an SD card for direct printing. Setup & use of the printer would be a butter-smooth experience. 

Moreover, for your convenience, this phenomenal unit comes with an 18 sheets paper tray & LCD screen feature to monitor the controlling. The ultra-low operating cost of 46 cents per page makes it one of the top affordable plus demanding printers in the market.

Furthermore, you will also get a 20-megapixel digital camera & a 2 x 2’’ tabletop passport cutter with this ultra compact & lightweight printer. The absence of the Wi-Fi feature does not allow you to do wireless printing from the smartphone. 

Buying this one will be a good deal as it comes as a whole package to ensure a perfect passport photo size printing experience.


  1. Dye sublimation technology ensures vibrant & color accuracy photo
  2. Printing speed is moderate, passport cutter with the package
  3. USB port to connect the camera
  4. Operating cost is low compared to other printers
  5. Compact & light design plus 18 sheet paper tray & LCD screen for efficient printing


  1. Only support 4 x 6’’ size paper sheet
  2. No Wi-Fi feature is available

How to Pick the Right Passport-size Photo Printer: Quick Buying Guide

A good purchase requires the inspection for good features & this is simple but a bit time taking. If you can assure that the major attributes are present then you will be the gainer during buying.

Here in the following, I will briefly talk about the major factors you need to look for before ordering the printer for passport photos.

Printing technology

In the market, you will find printers with different types of printing technology & not all of them are suitable for printing passport-size photos. 

During buying, you should ignore a printer that comes with UV & latex technology. Though these are suitable for black text but not for photos.

You must choose the printer that has inkjet or dye-sublimation technology because they can print wonderful color photos. 

Print quality

This feature is applicable for any type of printer you look for because if the print quality is not up to mark your aim won’t be successful. 

To get the best quality passport photos you need to look for a printer that comes with a resolution of at least 300 DPI. This scale is a standard & resolution ability lower than this won’t be able to generate sharp, ultra-vibrant, crisp, and crystal clear photo print.

Low operating cost

Whether you print photos occasionally or professionally it’s always better to purchase a printer that would be cost-efficient because it will save a good amount of money in the long term.

The printer that has a printing cost per page less than 50 cents should be a high priority. Anything more than this cost would be hard on your pocket. 


More connectivity options mean more flexibility during printing. It’s recommended to buy a printer that comes with versatile connectivity options like Bluetooth, USB & Wi-Fi.

The presence of any wireless feature will let you free from the hassle of wires & cables of the USB. Try to look for maximum wireless features during buying the next printer for passport photos.

Paper support 

Don’t even think of getting a nice quality passport photo from a printer that does not support the glossy paper or matte paper. It’s a must look factor to ensure your purchasing is not becoming a full waste of money.

In addition to that, the ability to print some specific size, especially that supports 2 x 2’’ & 4 x 6’’. However, while printing 4 x 6’’ size photos, you have to crop it a little bit with the cutter to create the perfect size manually.

Compact & lightweight design

Compact design is important in every aspect whether you want to buy for a home or office. A compact primer can be easily placed on any corner of your workstation or table.

Adding to that, the lightweight will help you to move the printer without much effort. However, if you travel often & need to print often then it would be best to go for the ultra-light & ultra-compact printer that comes with batteries.


Do I have to consider the printing speed for printing passport photos?

It depends on your priority, if you need lots of passport photos in a single day then it’s crucial to go for a printer that can print photos a bit faster. For home use, even a slower one would be okay.

What types of paper do I need to print passport photos?

As mostly passport photos are required for the official tasks so it comes with a package of regulations. First of all, it has to be glossy or matte paper because other papers won’t be accepted by the officials anywhere. And it has to be weight more than 180GSM.

Is a passport photo printer too costly?

Not really and you can see this in the list mentioned on the upper side. But there's a difference between the price range depending on needs. If you want the smaller size portable pocket printer then it would cost much lower than the one you need to buy for a desktop to connect for passport photo printing.

What features are most important in the printer for printing passport photos?

You must ensure the printer includes inkjet or dye-sublimation technology, minimum 300 DPI resolution, low cost of around less than 50 cents per page, a wider range of connectivity, moderate printing speed, specific paper size support, glossy paper support & good compatibility for printing passport photos.

How can I print a 2 x 2’’ size passport photo?

For printing this specific size first of all you need editing software on your pc. Select your picture that comes with a higher resolution, and larger size then crop it so that your face is perfectly visible in the picture. Finally, resize the photo and set it for 2 x 2’’, and then there it is!

Which printer is best for passport-size photos?

In my opinion, the Canon SELPHY CP1300 is best for printing passport-sized photos. In addition to that, the HP Sprocket Studio Printer & the Kodak Dock is also top grade for printing passport-size photos.


Passport photos have become a part of our life. It’s used heavily for official documents.

Finding a top-notch printer for printing passport photos was not a simple task. You have seen the shortlist of 5 printers which comes with the best configuration to meet the requirement for printing mind boggling passport photos.

I expect that you will be able to choose the perfect printer for passport photos. 

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