Thermal Printer For Small Business: Top 9 Picks of 2022

Best Thermal Printer For Small Business

Unlike inkjet ones, thermal printers are excellent printers you will see in the market. The use of thermal printers is increasing noticeably in almost every sector like the banking sector, grocery shops, retail stores, airlines, and even healthcare facilities.

Since these printers are very efficient, fast, and compact. Thermal printers generally use heat for printing on the paper and they don’t need nozzles for squirting out the ink. These printers are usually spotted in areas where brocades and billing are printed and done often.

In this article, I want to talk about the best thermal printer for small business. I will share about nine excellent thermal printers with pros and cons. So read on until the end.

9 Amazing Thermal Printers For Small Businesses in 2022

When choosing a thermal printer for your small business, there are several features to consider. The most important thing is to find a model that is reliable and easy to use. Here are some of the best thermal printers on the market today. 

Each printer has its own strengths and weaknesses, so you need to decide which one will work best for your needs. Read on for more information about the different models available.          

1. Label Range Thermal Printer

Label range LP620 label printer is an excellent printer of thermal printing technology. Like other regular printers, label range’s printer prints graphics or images, texts, barcodes, anything you want to print. It’s compatible with Mac and Windows devices. It provides high-quality print as well as operates more quickly.

Label range thermal printer requires USB connectivity technology and it prints on 4”×6” size papers flawlessly. Basically, this device is recommended to use in the office although you can use it for your business, retail market, warehouse, and other places.

Moreover, this business-friendly thermal printer doesn’t require toner or print ink. So, you are exempted from the big burden of buying toner or ink and it will reduce your extra printing cost which is great for any small business.

Overall, Label Range Printer will draw anyone’s attention because this printer offers a portable design and 4.8 pounds of weight, therefore you can easily carry place it anywhere.

Pros Of Label Range Thermal Printer

  1. Printing speed is very fast.
  2. High-quality output.
  3. Completely affordable.

Cons Of Label Range Thermal Printer

  1.       It is hardly able to bear heavy workloads


2. Jiose Thermal Printer

If you want to buy a budget-friendly business printer for your small business then Jiose thermal printer ought to be the best choice for you. Though it will cost a lower price, it will come with high-quality printing ability. This model is able to print various kinds of labels including storage-box labels, food labels, barcodes, shipping labels, etc. These might be needed for you as you are operating a business.

This type of printing will provide you with a high scale of printing speed. You can get a huge amount of labels within a few moments. People who have tasted the printer have reported that it prints up to 86 labels per minute! So, It is worth buying this type of printer for a small business

As this printer can produce approximately 300,000 labels in its lifetime, you can easily calculate how affordable this little guy is. The premium thermal printing technology of this printer is also a big plus for a small business owner. 

This printer uses a heating head, it is a technology, which stamps the pattern finish with symbols, numbers, and letters and imprints this over the label. And also you don’t need to buy extra ink cartridges to operate your printer.

As long as you have sufficient electrical access and sufficient printing paper to use your printer this device will provide you with satisfactory services.

Pros Of Jiose Thermal Printer

  1.       One-click setup
  2.       Compact design
  3.       Thermal-Printing Technology
  4.       Compatible with Mac and Windows
  5.       Efficient printing

Cons Of Jisoe Thermal Printer

  1.       This model might not run on Chrome OS and Linux


3. K Comer Thermal Printer

K-Comer model offers an accurate printing workhorse that is able to make a large number of labels without compromising quality. Yes, this printer uses the most recent thermal technology for making elevated, high-quality labels. In fact, it is one of the best shipping label printers for small shop or business. 

You might know that you have to use special paper in thermal printing. To avoid the waste of these papers you may use a K comer thermal printer, which has the function of automated-label detection.

Sometimes for business purpose, you need to use a printer constantly, so it is glad for you that a K comer thermal printer is able to operate 12 hours without any break. This is feasible because this printer comes with a high-quality and efficient heating head. Which enables this printer to work uninterruptedly.

And you do not need to face hassles like changing ink cartridges, ribbons, and other parameters. You can get numbers of tasks of printing by only one printer, this number might revolve around approximately 500,000 labels.

In addition, you will find that K Comer supports a wider labels variety, such as postage labels, filing labels, UPS labels, address labels, shipping labels, and others. 

Whether you are a retailer or you have a small business, you can rest assured that you can print all types of labels with this excellent printer. This printer is supported by many global companies such as eBay, Amazon, Esty, and others.

Pros Of K Comer Thermal Printer

  1.       A reliable and solid thermal head.
  2.       Attractive and compact design.
  3.       Automated-label detection.
  4.       Well recognized.
  5.       One-click setup.
  6.       Compatible with Mac and Windows.

Cons Of K Comer Thermal Printer

  1.       Incompatible with Linux and Chrome OS.


4. iDPRT Thermal Printer

The iDPRT thermal printer is considered one of the best thermal printers for small businesses today. You can easily connect it to your computer or mobile phone via Bluetooth. When you set up this printer, you can print a variety of labels based on your needs, such as barcode labels, storage labels, shipping labels, and others.

This printer comes with editing software therefore you can make high-quality labels for your exotic business. You will find that it has previously prepared templates so there is no need to make them from scratch. As well as you can easily alter the label’s appearance.

You will be surprised to know that the iDPRT printer is one of the fastest and easiest label printers on the market. Let me show you an example, this printer is able to print at 180mm speed per second, whereas other models can print around 152mm speed per second. 

It can be used on multiple operating systems, including Linux, Mac, and Windows. Overall, this thermal printer might be a good choice if you are looking for this type of very fast thermal printer.

Pros Of iDPRT Thermal Printer

  1.       Excellent speed of printing
  2.       Works on Linux, Mac, and Windows, even on android devices
  3.       Comes with editing software
  4.       Bluetooth connectivity
  5.       Adjustable paper roll
  6.       Might be connected through a USB port.

Cons Of iDPRT Thermal Printer

  1.       More Expensive

5. Jadens Thermal Printer

Jadens thermal printer is an excellent printer that has a high-tech printing head and provides high-quality printing. Also, this business printer will reduce your printing cost as well as operates with both Roll labels and Fanfold labels. The width ranges of labels are approximately between 1.57”- 4.1”.

This printer comes with wireless technology. You can connect with it via Bluetooth by using IOS systems and Android. And this thermal printer might be known for its wide usage. You can use it to print different labels for diverse shopping platforms and marketplaces. Yes, it’s an ideal printing machine for Etsy business

This printer excellently supports both Newer and 7 versions of Windows, as well as a USB connection, and operates with Mac OS on both Newer and 10.9 version devices.

Jadens thermal printer will be easy for you to set up. The included U-Disk contains a number of videos, such as instructions and videos for troubleshooting. Overall, you can choose this powerful printer for your new small business.

Pros Of Jadens Thermal Printer

  1.       Efficient and quick printing.
  2.       Comes with type-C Convector and Freebie U-Disk.
  3.       Print wirelessly.
  4.       Upgraded technology.
  5.       Support Mac and Windows.
  6.       After-sale service.

Cons Of Jadens Thermal Printer

  1.       For Mac, you will be needed a USB connection.

6. Logia Thermal Printer

Logia thermal printer is another excellent printer that comes with many interesting features. One can easily advocate for its higher-performance products. This printer offers a paper holder which can automatically detect the paper size and then loads this paper into its tray. It is a good time saver.

With this printer, you can print various labels and it also has a barcode scanner for online stores, Amazon, and others. It is a good advancement that this printer can show every detail on the printouts due to 300-dpi resolution.

Since it has an excellent built-in power supply or adapter, it will provide an efficient service. Moreover, this printer comes with a long-lasting battery. On one charge, it can last approximately 40 hours which is really impressive. 

An unique design is another excellent feature of this printer that will help business owners who have small shop or less space. This machine can operate perfectly if you want to print the labels for Esty, eBay, Amazon, etc. You can connect this printer to your computer through a USB cable.

Pros Of Logia Thermal Printer

  1.       Fast shipping.
  2.       High-quality printing.
  3.       300-dpi resolution.
  4.       Power adapter.
  5.       Compatible with Windows and Mac.

Cons Of Logia Thermal Printer

  1. Tricky Setup

7. Munbyn Thermal Printer

When you want to reduce your cost as well as at the same time want to enhance productivity then you have to choose cost-effective materials for that. Munbyn thermal label printer is a cost-effective thermal printer that has excellent versatility as well as doesn’t cost highly.

You will see that it has a nice combination of compact size and desktop model. You can carry it wherever you want as it is lightweight and you can setup it up in a small space.

This printer works faster, it can print at the speed of 150mm per second. You can able to complete your task very quickly. When you want to consider its operating system you see that this printer supports Mac OSX, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and Windows XP.

USB connectivity is another feature of this printer as this technology permits you to use this thermal printer on your mobile phone or a computer without any connectivity issues. You can easily operate your task.

Pros Of Munbyn Thermal Printer

  1.       Easy setup.
  2.       Versatile.
  3.       Fast printing.
  4.       Compatible with Mac OSX, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP.

Cons Of Munbyn Thermal Printer

  1.       The warranty might be complicated.


8. Mflabel Thermal Printer

An extended operating period, attractive design, and simplicity, all things make it a reliable business printer of thermal printing technology. With this feature-packed printer, you can produce different types of labels for different purposes such as postal labels, storage labels, shipping labels, and others.

You will see that this printer comes with direct-thermal printing, which refers to a technology where you need no ribbons, toner, cartridge replacement, and ink.

This printer can work for an extended period uninterruptedly, around 12 hours. If you have a small business where you need to print different labels in a short time then it will be a great printer for you. This printer might be a good companion for those who require to label a huge amount of boxes within a day.

This printer works with various e-commerce and shipping companies including eBay, Esty, Amazon, and others. So, this machine has some excellent features you might consider from the perspective of your business.

Pros Of Mflabel Thermal Printer

  1.       Compact and simple design
  2.       Works on Laptops and PCs
  3.       Direct-Thermal Technology
  4.       Long working hours
  5.       Can make high-quality or supermarket labels

Cons Of Thermal Printer

  1.       Incompatible with Chrome OS, Linux, Mac X, or other devices

9. Phomemo Thermal Printer

Phomemo thermal printer is a fantastic printer that comes with many excellent features. And you can choose this thermal printer for your small business without any second thought.

This printer is compatible with many shipping platforms and computers. You will see that this printer has a labels hopper. Many printers don’t provide this one.

You can connect your desktop, laptop, or computer to this printer with Type-B USB and Type-C USB. There is an anomaly in using Mac laptops. For that, you have to use Type-C USB to connect this printer to Mac laptops. And it is pretty that you don’t have any hassle for adding connection of wire.

You should remember that this printer doesn’t come with Bluetooth connectivity. As a consequence, you can not print anything from wireless devices like smartphones.

This printer is capable to print images and graphics at 203-dpi resolution. This printer is fine for printing labels, as you will see this printer can scan small barcodes and QR codes. And you can print black-and-white graphics, and smaller font sizes too. I believe, you can print amazing candle labels using this printer.  

But you have to consider that 203-dpi resolution is not so high or efficient to go rather it is comparatively lower than that of full-sized printers. Nonetheless, this printer is capable to print at a speed of 150mm per second. This printer can run without stopping for 12 hours.

Pros Of Phomemo Thermal Printer:

  1.       Faster speed.
  2.       203-dpi resolution.
  3.       Compatible with many shipping platforms and computers.
  4.       Free label feeder and software.


Cons Of Phomemo Thermal Printer:

  1.       Without Bluetooth connectivity.
  2.       Mac setup might be complicated.


Things to consider while buying a thermal printer for small businesses

When you intend to buy a thermal printer for your small business, you need to consider some important factors before buying it. And here I am illustrating some factors that should be considered:


Resolution means how many spots or dots the thermal printer is making on one inch. You will consider it by its number. A higher number refers to better sharpness or clarity and vice versa. For shipping labels, 600-dpi is the perfect standard. However, 1200-dpi is highly recommended by experts for professional-looking labels.


Generally, people use printers for professional tasks, at a certain time, one has to print a certain amount of labels or anything else. That required a better efficient and high-speed printer. For that, you have to examine the specification very carefully so that you can find out which printer is faster.


The price of the printer varies according to its feature or design. From these printers you have to choose which one is cost-effect and affordable, will fulfill your requirement.

Paper Type

Interestingly thermal printer operates on both matte and glossy paper. Matte paper is long-lasting and more durable. And glossy paper offers a glossy finish but the paper is expensive. So, choose wisely which one is benevolent for you.


You will find various types of thermal printers, they offer different designs. As for the aesthetic of your business, you should choose a nice designed thermal printer. And there are a lot of available colors of printers on market. So, choose as you like and your preference.

Easier To Use

This factor is very important to consider that many thermal printers require software installation and others need nothing but one click to operate. Also, easy printers are suitable for seniors too.  So, pick the right one which is easier for you to maintain. As well as make sure all essential accessories like ink cartridges, paper rolls, etc.

Reading Reviews

You can read online feedback or reviews, from there you can get valuable information as well as a good idea about thermal printers. From customers’ reviews, you can find the practical experience with this device. And you can know the upsides and downsides as well.


Are thermal printers worth it?

Small businesses often need a printer that is reliable and can produce high-quality prints quickly. Thermal printers meet those needs and are also affordable, making them a good investment for small businesses. Additionally, thermal printers are durable and easy to use, which makes them a great choice for busy offices.

How much does a thermal printer cost?

A thermal printer can cost anywhere from 100 to 200 dollars, depending on the make and model. More expensive printers will have more features, such as faster printing speeds or the ability to print in color. It's also important to consider the cost of paper, as this will need to be replaced on a regular basis.

Do thermal printers run out of ink?

No, thermal printers do not run out of ink. The prints are made by heating the paper, which turns the black coating into a gas. This gas is then cooled and condensed back onto the paper, forming the image. Since there is no actual ink involved, there is no need to ever replace the ink cartridges.

How long does a thermal printer last?

A thermal printer can last anywhere from 7 to 10 years, and even up to 15 years with proper maintenance. Many factors play into the lifespan of a thermal printer, including how often it's used, the type of paper used, and the quality of the printer itself. With proper care and occasional replacement of parts (such as the heating element), a thermal printer can easily reach the 10-15 year mark.

Final Thought

In this article, I have reviewed some of the best thermal printers for any small business and other related keys. I have also added buying guidelines that may help you to pick the right one when buying.

In the last lines of this article, I want to say, thermal printers are really excellent printers on the market, especially for small businesses. Where you don’t need to change ink cartridges or toner. And you will get your task very quickly as they operate simply and fast.

The thermal printers I have discussed in this article are nearly similar though the difference make in technology such as Bluetooth connectivity and other little places. So, you have to consider the resolution, connection technology, and other things to get the best one from the nine thermal printers.

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