How To Clean Paper Shredder Properly – Step by Step Guide

How To Clean Paper Shredder Properly

Paper shredder is an incredibly essential device that does best works to destroy your unnecessary secret documents.

It treats like a best friend to your home and office. The maintenance and cleaning of a shredder are crucial. It is indeed annoying whenever your paper shredder blade gets stuck or jam up.

But, most of the time you can clear the jam by pressing the reverse button for few times. If it has not clean yet, you have to open the shredder case and clean it properly.

Do you know how to clean paper shredder properly? Let’s remember the details about how to clean essential and difficult jams as well as the future stuck prevention and maintenance of a paper shredder.

Initial Steps of  Cleaning a Paper Shredder

Some symptoms refer that your shredder needs to clean. Whenever you notice that shredder getting slower while cutting the paper and often creating odd sounds, you should clean it immediately. Because a long term jam can occur great worse for your device.

  • First of all, remove the plug of your device and remove the remaining cutting paper waste from the shredder box. For this reason, basic shredder jam occurs maximum time. No fear, if this process doesn’t work.
  • In this step, connect the shredder plug again, press the reverse button and let the blade rotate for a few times. Then press the usual rotate dial for few times. Repeats this process 2 or 3 times. The jam will clear in no time.
  • Whenever you face the same issue,  you have to press the forward and reverse button periodically for a few times.

The Core Note:

  • Check the shredder again
  • Notice that is your shredder’s jam is cleared or not?
  • Try the problematic jam cleaning process if it is not clear properly.


  • Stay alert! So that your hands or other things stay safe when running the process.

Further Complicated Paper Shredder Cleaning Process

If the above-given simple steps and techniques don’t make the shredder clear and if it didn’t start performing properly again, you can follow the following procedures.

Step 1: Typically, modern paper shredder comes with individual two-part compartment. One part for holding waste shredding papers and other is for shredding machine. The best practice is to apart the top part so that you can clean the shredder blade quickly.

Step 2: Now, you need tweezers to pull up the stuck papers. Try to clean from both sides of the shredder blade. You can also clean it by hand but be careful as sharp blades can cause issue for your hands.

Step 3: You can also use pliers to clean the most stuck piece of paper. But don’t provide to much pressure. Clean all of the waste gradually. Moreover, you can shredder heavier loads of paper. It is the opposite process of cleaning. As a result of heavier loads, stuck papers can come out instantly.

Step 4: Apply a good quality shredder oil inside the blade. Lack of enough smoothness often creates jam inside the shredder. Let it  soak by the oil for a while. Lubricant sheets and vegetable oil both can be used too.

 Now, your device is ready for re-check. Put some paper in the shredder and press the shredding button. I hope. It will work properly.


  • Make sure; the shredder is ultimately removed from the electric connection.  Keep in mind not to switch anymore in the time of manual cleaning.
  • Carefully pull up the papers so that the blade doesn’t damage anyhow. Its repairing cost is high.

Some Shredder Maintenance Tips

Here are some shredder maintenance tips that will come in handy.

  • Avoid Heavier Loads
  • Avoid continuous shredding
  • Don’t use folding paper to be shred
  • Avoid shredding Hard and Thick Material

Avoid Heavier Loads

It is most crucial to take some steps for future stuck prevention. Everybody should care about their best friend so that it doesn’t lose its efficiency soon.

Similarly, a few necessary and typical processes would help to keep your paper shredder for home and office use.

Each shredder has its power to hold or cut the papers. You should shred a specific amount of paper according to the shredder sizes and ability. Never give any additional loads on it.

Avoid Continuous Shredding

Continuous shredding without any gap is one of the main reasons for occurring jams. Always remember that a shredder needs a minimum time to run and complete the task.

If you stay putting in paper continuously, then it can’t complete it’s task correctly and will be stuck soon.

Don’t Use Folding Paper to be Shred

Never use folding paper to be shred. Folding paper creates jams in the shredding machine most of the time. It supports straight and straightforward paper.

Before starting work, try to remove creases, wrinkles, and other types of spots from the article. These are mostly responsible for making a stuck.

Try to avoid shredding Hard and Thick Material

Generally, normal shredders are not designed to shred hard documents like credit cards, CDs, DVDs, and other hard materials. So, our  paper shredder can’t destroy hard or thick materials properly. Moreover, there was a possibility to break the shredder blade.

Even heavy-duty paper shredder can face issue while handling these types of hard things.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Can paper shredders overheat?

Yes! Paper shredder can overheat even your shredder maybe destroy completely for burning the motor. Also, though the maximum shredder has special features to prevent the produced heat. You should check before choosing a paper shredder for home use and office.

2) What is the best paper shredder for home use?

There are many excellent, and cheap paper shredders under $50 are available. As far as I know, the individual shredder is best for unique quality.

For example, Bonsai C209-D 10-sheets Cross-Cut, Fellowes Powershred 60Cs is pretty good for home uses.

Wrap Up

No fear! If your paper shredder will have jammed up. In my office, I have already felt several types of paper shredder stuck issues and also solve it.

I have to share with me in detail experience with you. I can ensure, if you follow my above instruction, you will succeed to answer all of your problems.

Hopefully, you are clear, how to clean paper shredder as well as maintaining a paper shredder if you have anything to know about this, comment below.

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