How to Decorate An Office with no Window?

How to Decorate An Office with no Window

Are you moving into a new windowless office? Thinking about decorating it? No worries! It’s maybe more accessible than you think because all it takes is the right decoration and a little bit of creativity to do so.

That includes choosing a new color for paint, distributed lighting, the illusion of windows, and glass usage for openness. In addition to that, less space-consuming smart furnishing is a must. The presence of nature is even better, will bring the touch of life.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to decorate an office properly with no window?. Just follow along. You will have an office as elegant as an office with windows that can be in no time.

So, let’s get started!

Basic Design Concept

Now before getting started, let’s have an idea about the basics of our design concept. Basically will be focusing on three main criteria

  •  Color design
  •  Lighting design
  • Furniture design

These are the most critical aspects of the renovation. So, the interior decoration of the office will be done on those.

Clever Painting

While proceeding with the decoration, you should give proper attention to the color on the walls first. For a windowless room, it plays a huge role. It will substantially contribute to make your workspace brighter.

White has a mild and sober look on any kind of surface. Especially for the ceiling. A light color on the roof makes the whole space brighter and more prominent in appearance. Yet, depending on your personal preference, you can choose a soft, light, and vibrant color.

It needs color with a warmer tone, such as the light natural shade of sky blue or soft gray. But, it can mostly be a combination of colors you like too.

Perfect lighting

Now that you have proper color on the walls, it’s time to improve the lighting. Perfect lighting has the power to transform perception and mood. In a lack of natural light, multiple layer lighting will give you the best result.

There are three primary layers of lighting,

Ambient lighting

It takes care of the overall illumination of your office. It’s the soft, uniform first layer of lighting that sets the tone of the space.

Accent lighting

Accent lights are brighter and intended to highlight a specific area or object. They add contrast, style, texture, and depth.

Task lighting

As the name suggests, this third layer of lighting is for specific tasks such as writing, reading, etc. It gives you a focused light on your task area.

You also want to make sure the right lumens, beam angle, and color temperature. Lumens are the total amount of visible light you can have. The beam angle is simply the angle the light gets focused on. It can be narrow to be more focused on something or full to spread out evenly. Finally, the color temperature can be warm, natural & soft, or cool.

At the same time, select the lighting components that complement the overall interior of your office.

The illusion of Window, Art & Openness

Though there are no windows in your office, you can pretend there is one nonetheless. A mirror can be an excellent way of creating openness while imitating a window. It will provide you a sense of depth and visual expansion.

Reflection of the mirror will remove the sense of barrier. The reflected light will brighten the space. You can get even more creative with the different shapes and sizes of the mirrors.

You can add some art with a window frame too or solo. A painting that is peaceful and personally relatable here. Artwork of a beautiful landscape, nature, mountain & sea, or anything that gives a positivity. It can be a large one covering an entire side of a wall or a combination of some small ones.

Another excellent way for wideness would be using a glass door. You should use one if there is an option.

Using Mind Soothing Artwork

Artwork traditionally works on our minds. With a peaceful mind, you will work better. There are different types of artwork; for example, Feng Shui could be a solution that promotes harmonious life and good energy. The use of any artwork in blank spaces has a better effect.

If you use a small painting in a little place, it will bring an energy that drives our work at a reasonable speed. Similarly, more artwork in an ample space has a good energy boost too. These pictures could be anything, any lucrative natural image, or your beloved anything.

You just have to pick an artwork that has an energetic connection between you and the picture.

Smart Furnishing

In an office with no window, open space is a great substitute. The more you have it, the merrier. So, try to save space with the furniture as much as you can. Do not just put a big desk into your office that occupies all.

Be light, in terms of furniture and be minimalist. Use the walls for storage as they provide plenty of space. Use floating shelves instead of occupying valuable floor space. Depending on your situation, you can use a custom-built desk around the walls too.

To create a sense of more room to avoid dark-colored furniture. Also, make sure there are not too many items of furniture, preferably only the ones you need. Too many and tremendous things will make a small space even smaller.

Decorate with smart furniture that is multipurpose and provides more storage. One more surprising fact about a small space is that it feels more abundant with any long and narrow item. So, if you require more sitting arrangements in your small office, apply this trick. Use a narrow long sofa or couch instead of multiple chairs.

Presence of Nature and Air Quality

It’s always great to be close to nature. Since your office lacks natural light, plants can be a good, even necessary alternative. So, bring some plants to your office. That will provide you some sense of outdoor nature’s touch.

While choosing plants, be mindful of artificial lights that you have. Carefully select the plants best suited for your lighting design. Be aware of the size of the plants too. Depending on the particular space, you have to choose the size.

For a smaller place, smaller plants are more suitable. You can put them on the shelves. If you have a bit more space, select a pair of medium-size plants.

Now about the air quality, it also matters a lot. If you can manage to choose some plants with extra air purifying ability, it’s the best. Some excellent quality air purifiers or fresheners can come handy too.


Working in an office with no window can be challenging. Then again it’s entirely up to you, will you let it drag your efficiency behind or not? It can stress you out if you take it too seriously. You can make it merely as a challenge instead.

A challenge that may not be easy but overcame able. So, understand your situation, take control, and go ahead. Do what you need to do and make the most out of it.

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