7 Tips To Keep Printer Ink From Drying Out


Printer ink is very costly, therefore you have got to be certain that you utilize each tank till the last drop. Almost, loads of ink get lost because of not being observed. There are several reasons why the ink tank may run out quicker than expected.

Cartridges can dry out if they are too close to the heat source. Storing cartridges in an environment of unsuitable temperature and rarely using a printer are also the two main reasons. Proper care of ink cartridges is essential to improve their longevity and durability. There are various steps you can take to prevent your printer ink from becoming unusable.

 7 Most Effective Ways To Keep Printer Ink From Drying Out 

The following are 7 tips for limiting printer ink dry out and, as a result, lowering your printing costs.

Tip 1: Use the printer regularly. 

Tip 2: Save Ink cartridges rightly.

Tip 3: Optimize the Room Temperature.

Tip 4: Turn your printer off when not in use.

Tip 5: Regularly clean the cartridge heads.

Tip 6: Seek help from professionals for refilling the printer cartridge.

Tip 7: Moisten the ink cartridges.

In this section, I will discuss each tip in more depth. 

Tip 1: Use the printer regularly

Clogged parts are major sources of ink loss. The greatest way to stop this is to use the printer regularly. This helps in keeping all frank and flowing, resulting in reduced ink production. So, make use of the ink cartridges even if there’s no work on the desk.

Let alone top-notch printer, ever the easiest printers are not designed for occasional use. So, even if you only print one test page, keep using them regularly.

Tip 2: Save Ink cartridges rightly

When your ink runs out, you may take a new tank and begin printing again. Unseemly cartridge storage, howsoever, can cause ink loss. Here are a few essential matters to keep in mind:

  1. Hold the ink cartridge upright.  Storing a cartridge in any other position may cause problems.
  2. Save ink cartridges in a dry, dark, and secure area.
  3. Ensure that a suitable temperature is being maintained.

Tip 3: Optimize the Room Temperature

It is necessary to maintain a regular room temperature to prevent the ink cartridges from drying out. Ink cartridges are more likely to dry out when exposed to very low or high temperatures. Maintaining a temperature of around sixty-eight degrees stargazer is advised. Whereas, printers ought to be hold on between -15 and thirty-five degrees Celsius.

Tip 4: Turn your printer off when not in use

If you are not interested in using the printer frequently, turn it off as soon as possible. You should turn off the printer by pressing its power switch. Don’t worry, you will easily find this button even on your Mac compatible printer. Because of this, many devices will automatically move print heads to a safe location where there’s less chance of ink drying.

Tip 5:Regularly clean the cartridge heads

It is very necessary to clean cartridge heads regularly. Most modern-day printers come equipped with built-in automatic head cleaning utilities. However, in older models, the user is expected to clean the cartridge heads manually.

Tip 6: Seek help From Professionals for refilling the printer cartridge

A professional touch is mandatory when refilling a printer cartridge. Choosing a refillable option is a cost-effective solution. However, it is not a DIY job. In case of being done incorrectly, air can get into the ink cartridge, which can eventually dry out the ink and get stuck in the tip head. One can also waste a significant amount of ink. The refillable option is very complex and risky.

Tip 7: Moisten the ink cartridges

The fineness of moistening the ink cartridge is that you do not have to run print tests now and then. Thus, it also somehow saves ink costs. Follow the below steps for moistening your ink cartridges.

  1. Remove the ink cartridges of your printer. Attempt carrying disposable gloves throughout the method.
  2. Thoroughly clean the ink surface on top of each cartridge, damp fabric or towel to stop clogging.
  3. Stop any further wet employing a lint-free and dry rag before inserting them back within the printer.

Most of the above tips will work fine, no matter how latest or affordable printer you own.


Inkjet printers’ cartridges are not designed to last forever. These are designed to be used and replaced fairly and quickly. This is true for those who often print, but for those who do not, it can be quite frustrating. If you’ve ever felt the urge to dry your ink cartridge while trying to print something, you can understand why this common problem can be so boring.

While all cartridges can, eventually, dry out if they’re not used, there are steps able to go for stretch the lifetime of your printer ink. strive the information listed above, and you’ll be stunned to seek out that you just ought to replace your inkjet cartridges heaps less frequently.

And, if your ink dries out, don’t be so fast to throw it away! you’ll be able to revive it by simply improving the dried ink off of the nozzles.

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