How To Oil Paper Shredder Properly [Full Guide For Beginner]

How To Oil Paper Shredder Properly

Paper shredder refers to a mechanical device that can cut the paper and turn it into tiny particles. It is used for destroying secret and sensitive informative documents of several organizations, businesses, and persons.

Because of regular paper shredding, dust produces inside the rotating cutting blades of the shredder. You will notice that the shredder needs to oiling when seeing the shredders creates odd sounds and slower than before.

To prevent this, you have to oil a paper shredder regularly. The oiling with shredder lubricant will increase the stability and effectiveness of the shredder.

Now oiling the shredder is crucial. Consequently, you must have to know how to oil paper shredder properly? Keep reading to get the step by Step complete guideline of oiling paper shredder and How often should you oil your paper shredder. 

How to Oil Paper Shredder Properly?

There have three more natural methods of paper shredder oiling.

  • Single paper oiling method
  • Double paper oiling method
  • Oiling by lubricant sheet

1. Single Paper Oiling Method:

In this method, you need only A4 size paper and appropriate lubricant oil for the shredder blade oiling properly.

First Step:

First of all, take a single A4 size paper and set it on a flat surface. Then turn on the shredder and let it run for a few seconds.

Second Step:

The Whole shredder need to turn off

Third Step:

Pour the oil directly on the paper from the left side to the right side. After oiling the article, it needs to turn on the shredder and shred about half minutes.

Fourth Step:

The shredder blade will be automatically appropriately oiled within a few minutes.

Last Site:

you have to shred or three more paper for absorbing the additional oil from the blade.

2. Double Paper Oiling Method:

It is an indirect method. Two A4 size paper and shredder oil need to do it.

Firstly, put an A4 size paper on a flat surface and another document to set up in the next step.

Secondly, hold your oil bottle and start to pour oil to maintain a crisscross system. Pour the oil from the top left to downright. Similarly, pour the oil from the top right side to down left side. Don’t let dry the oil entirely on the paper.

In the third Step, set another A4 size paper correctly on the oily paper. Now time to start the reverse function of the shredder for a few seconds.

Let the double papers shred into the shredder. Wait until the two documents shred correctly. Most importantly, try to care so that the additional oil can’t spread overall.

Again start the anti-reverse of the shredder for one minute.

For surer, rotate the shredder blade a few more times so that it can be adequately oiled.

3. Oil Shredder Lubricant Sheets:

It is the more natural process between the three methods. You can oil the paper shredder in a normal process.

Lubricant sheets oiling is like the Above method. It just needs a lubricant oil sheet. Do it like regular shredding. The anti-reverse turns on-off doesn’t need in this method.

Here are some popular paper shredder sharpening & lubricant sheets for you- 

  • Amazon Basics Paper Shredder Sharpening & Lubricant Sheets – Pack of 12
Amazon Basics Lubricant Sheets
Amazon Basics Lubricant Sheets

  • Ansoon Paper Shredder Lubricant Sheets- Pack of 12
Ansoon Paper Shredder Lubricant Sheets
Ansoon Paper Shredder Lubricant Sheets
  • ShredCare Commercial Lubricant Sheets for Extra Wide Paper Shredders
8.5” x 11″ Lubricant Sheets for Big Paper Shredders (Pack of 24)


Some Noteworthy Factors Before Oiling Paper Shredder

The oiling amount is depending on your using period of the shredder. How long-time you use the shredder blade, the need of oiling it as much important.

For example, an official shredder generally needs to grease a few times a week. Because official shredder is using for massive works.

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How Often Should You Oil Your Paper Shredder?

It depends on different criteria. For personal shredder, you can oil a few times in a year. Generally, recommend to oil after 30 minutes of continuous running.

If you are shredding a lot of paper in a short time, then the shredder may be slower to run. So, if possible, oil your shredder after each use.

Cheap Paper Shredder:  A good thing can’t consider by price. It depends on quality. There is some cheap paper shredder which performs best and offers long-lasting working power. If you find the Best budget paper shredder at an affordable price for your small office, you will notice that it doesn’t require frequent oiling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What oil should you use for your shredder?

You should have used oil based on your shredder types. Like, by using vegetable-based oiling of cross-cut paper shredder is best for you. Like Fellowes shredder oil. On the other hand, high-quality oil needs a heavy-duty paper shredder. Most noteworthy, the Fellowes shredder has an auto oiling system.

How often should you oil your shredder?

In the case of occasional use, you can oil the shredder after a long period like 2-3 months. But in the case of regular use, it is best practice to oil after Each shredding.

Where to buy shredder oil?

The most appropriate oil you will find in the shredder manufacturing company. Because they always produce several oils for several shredders. Moreover, you will easily find it online oil provider company.

What is an industrial shredder?

An industrial shredder is a larger size mechanical device that works for reducing many product sizes like plastic, tires, and metals. Even though its price starts from thousands of dollars, but it will secure your technical documents.

What is shredder oil made of?

Shredder oil is generally made of vegetable oil or mineral oil. Use these two oils to get the best performance from your shredder. Wd40 is not suitable for shredder oiling. Most of the time it causes creating jam inside the shredder because of getting together paper stick.

Final Thoughts

A paper shredder plays a role as your best friend. You are getting higher security within a tiny investment.

To save such a device, you must have to oil it properly. I hope, now you clearly understand how to oil a paper shredder properly.

The core suggestion is you have to select the mineral or vegetable oil and oil your machine with the direct method according to using time.

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