How To Print A Picture On Multiple Pages: 3 Easy Methods

How To Print A Picture On Multiple Pages

Sometimes people require to print a photo or picture on multiple pages. It is quite an easy task. But if you don’t know how to print a picture on multiple pages it might be a problem for you. So, you should learn as soon as possible how to do this task.

In this article, I will share with you how to print a picture on multiple pages using some simple ways. Therefore, read on and follow my instructions until the end.

How To Print A Picture On Multiple Pages: All Methods Explained

Photos are a great way to capture memories and moments, but what do you do when you want to print a large photo? You could print it out one page at a time, but that can be tedious and time-consuming. Luckily, there are some easier ways to print photos on multiple pages. Let’s see them one by one…

1. A quick way to print a picture on multiple pages using Microsoft Paint

Now I am going to teach how to use Microsoft paint to print a picture on multiple pages. You can use any all-in-one printer or basic inkjet printer to print a picture on multiple pages. Just follow my instructions below:

  1.       Please turn on your laptop, and click the “Start”. After that search “Paint”. Then click the “Paint” app and run it.
  2.       After opening this “Paint” app, click the options bar on the left side and select “File” then it will come with other options. Now, select “Pictures” from the options.
  3.       Now, select a picture that you want to print on multiple pages. It might be a picture of a tree.
  4.       After opening the picture, you have to click the “File” option on the left side. And then click the “Print” option then it will come with many options. Select the “Page setup” option.
  5.       Then it will show you a grey box ‘X’ type sign. It means this picture of the tree is going to be printed on a single piece of paper. You can use “A4 Size” or you can change this size accordingly to your need. You have to pick the paper on accurate size.
  6.       On the right down, you will see scaling, you can change the number. For example, if you make 2/2 pages, you will see the grey box will be changed. And it will print the picture on four pages instead of one page. Then click the “Ok”.
  7.       Then back to the “File” on the left side. Then click the “Print” option. After that pick “Color Printer” then click “Print”.
  8.       Finally, it will print your picture on four pages.


2. Printing A Picture On Multiple Pages Using Adobe Acrobat

You may have this app installed on your laptop. Otherwise, download Adobe Acrobat DC Reader which is the latest version. So, connect your pc/mac compatible printer to your mac or windows laptop let’s jump into it.

  1.       Firstly, go to your Windows-10 photos app and select the picture which you want to print on multiple pages. the “Print” on the corner of the right side. Then it will open with some options, select “Microsoft To Pdf”.
  2.       And you have to select the proper paper size. And other whatever you want to alter.
  3.     A few steps down, select “Print”.
  4.       Now, you have to do is “Save” on any of your “Picture Folders”. And give it a good name than “Save” it. Then close your Window’s photo app.
  5.       And therefore you may see there is a Pdf. Now, open this pdf on Adobe Acrobat.
  6.     Next, you need to select “Print” and then “Poster”.
  7.       Then alter the size, the shape of your picture. It might be best to put the “Scale 170%”. And then click on “Overlap” then the picture will be shaped or sized as you want.
  8.       Then change your color printer first or else it may print a four-page pdf.
  9.       Then you just click the “Print”. Now you will get your picture on multiple pages.

3. How To Print A Picture On Multiple Pages using Microsoft Excel?

Let’s see another method to print a picture on multiple pages. For this method, you need to download Microsoft Excel if you don’t have it on your laptop. Okay, let’s turn on your printer and start the process:

  1.     Pease turn on your laptop and open Microsoft Excel. 
  2.     Then click the “Insert” tab and then click the “insert picture”. Then select the picture of which one you want to print. You will see that the picture will view on your excel.
  3.       However, click the “File” which is on the left above. Then it will open with the “Print” option, click it.
  4.       Then select the “Color Print” and set up the proper size of the paper. You can change other positions to “landscape orientation”.
  5.      Then click the “Page Setup”. And you can alter the scale adjustments. Such as you can adjust it 150%, fit to 2. Then it will print four pages when you will click the “Print”.


In the above discussion, I have discussed how to print a picture on multiple pages? I have mentioned three simple ways to print a picture on multiple pages. Follow my instructions, if do any one of the three methods it will be easier for you for the next time. 

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