Most Common Paper Shredder Injury – Must Follow Rules!

paper shredder injury

In this modern-day people are using paper shredder more and more to secure their important documents and unnecessary papers.

Unlike other good things, people are also facing common paper shredder injury while using it. You can call your paper shredder an unexpected evil machine that can harm you in various ways.

However, you need to use this machine to shred paper and secure your documents so that no one can misuse them. But you need to stay safe also while using this machine.

Today’s content is about to know the injuries and how you can stay safe from these kinds of accidents. So, let’s start with the importance of safe using the shredder.

Why Stay Safe While Paper Shredding?

You should understand the necessity to stay safe while using a shredder in your home and office. A silly accident can cause you serious harm in your life.

If you remain uncertain while running the shredder, you may face an unnecessary accident. Again, it can cost you more if you face a serious injury. You can divide your losses into two parts-


If you have a shredder and you are not professional with the uses of the shredder machine, then it may cost you.

If you don’t know How to Unjam a Paper Shredder and you intend to fix it by yourself, it may cause you injury. An injury will cost you eventually.

Body Damage

The main portion behind the using of a shredder machine injury is that you may experience painful body damage.

You may face serious bleeding also. The cut from the shredder blade is painful, and it will take time to recover also.

So, you need to stay safe while using a paper shredder at home or office.

What Kinds of Injury You May Face

A heavy-duty paper shredder can lead you to experience some unnecessary injuries. You should know about the common injuries that most of the users experience.

Injuries During Operating

If you are operating your shredder machine for the first time, then you may face some unexpected injuries. Yes, the shredder machine has a sharp blade, and it can cause you bleeding without any time.

Again, if you insert any other material except the papers, then the material can split out from the machine and go to your eyes.

So, an operator always remains at risk while working with the paper shredder machine every time.

When an operator puts his hand into the shredder by mistake in the time of pulling out some material from the shredder, he will be injured in this way too.

Kid’s Injury

Kids are inconsolable, and they don’t know what to do and what not to. So, if you bring a shredder for your home use, then make sure that your kids don’t play with that.

If you forget to unplug the device and your kids begin to play with this, then they may get injured.

As the kids are so sensitive to the sharp thing, they may get injured easily. They may put their hand to the machine, and this will cause serious injury.

Pet Injuries

Pet injury is similar to the kid’s injury. If you have a pet at your home, then they may get injured by your shredder machine.

Your dog may put it’s tough to the machine, and this will cause injury to your dog. A pet cat may also get injured as it has no sense about the sharp things like your kids.

Fire Injuries

It’s a common type of injury while running a shredder at home or office. If you are not able to find quality shredder for a cheap price, then it will cost you more money by creating a short circuit in the machine.

The short circuit will lead your machine to create fire, and it’s dangerous for you. If you can’t maintain your shredder machine like an expert, then it may lead you to fire injury.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are paper shredders dangerous?

If you don’t stay safe, then it’s dangerous as it has sharp blades. Sharp edges can damage your body part anytime.

Do I need to lubricate my shredder?

Yes, you need to lubricate in your shredder as it has a gearing system to run the blades.

How often should I oil my paper shredder?

Though it depends on the machine that you are using, you should oil your machine every two months.

How long should a paper shredder last?

The best shredder can perform 4-5 minutes continuously and takes less time to cool.

What should I look for in a paper shredder?

You should look for a security lock feature in your paper shredder.

Additional Tools to Avoid Injury

You need to follow some tips to avoid unnecessary injuries. Here I will give you some additional tips, and I will suggest you follow them-

  • If you are a beginner in using a shredding machine, then you need to go through the instruction manual at first.
  • You shouldn’t give pressure while inserting the paper into the machine.
  • Never insert any other material except paper in the paper shredder.
  • Always put on gloves in hand for safety.
  • Choose the best paper shredder, which comes with a safety feature.
  • If you see that your machine is not turning off automatically when the bin is full, make sure that you cut out the power.
  • When you are done with shredding make sure that you have unplugged the shredder

Final Note

Injury is not a good thing at all. While to use a sharp machine, you need to alert every time even if the machine-like paper shredder comes with security features.

You need to check the machine and don’t forget to unplug it when you are done with the machine. In case you get injured, then you should contact the medical emergency as fast as you can.

My suggestion to you will be to keep the first aid at your home and office. The maintenance of the shredder machine should be done carefully.

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