Types Of Paper Shredder – Choose The Right One For You

Types of Paper Shredder

You have to destroy many data from many pages. As you want to do it manually, it will be time-consuming. But Paper shredder can do it within a short time automatically. Paper shredder is used to cut the paper into pieces that are working mechanically. It can protect the privacy of administrative work, organizational work, and private work.

Usually, this machine cuts paper into required parts and fragments as a result of information can no longer be restored.

There are many types of paper shredder and you should know about their work. Let’s see how each type of paper shredder is and how they work.


5 Different Types of Paper Shredders

Shredding is essential for saving your time. As a paper shredder works automatically, it saves a lot more time and works functionally. The main reason for using shredder is to secure sensitive personal business data from others. Paper shredders can cut in many methods. It depends on paper size, paper style, and cutting style. According to the size and capacity of papers, shredders are classified.

1. Strip-Cut Paper shredder

It is considered the simplest method of destroying documents. Generally, a strip-cut shredder has rotating blades.

These blades help to cut papers into long strips. Sensitive data or documents can be reassembled after shredding by this method.

That’s why private and governmental documents have not shredded with strip-cut. This machine will allow you to cut 1/16 inches to 3/4 inches.

But narrower strips of paper can be efficient and valid, according to a security specialist.

2. Micro-Cut Paper Shredder

If you are looking for a tiny shredder of paper, then micro-cut paper shredder one of the best. It cuts a single paper into 12000 pieces.

That’s why this shredder is considered risk free. Government agencies and top-rated business organizations use this machine to secure their data.

The main advantage of this tool is it can cut a paper both width-wise and length-wise so that the wastes of the papers are so small that you cannot read any part of it, and it takes less space to collect trash.

3. Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

This type of paper shredding has considered the most accessible type of paper shredding. As a result, people use it home and small offices.

The blades are designed exceptional, which allows shredding paper in different shapes. You will find the diamond and square shape of short paper after shredding.

The cutting edges allow cutting the paper into both length and width wise. So you can cut from 1/32 inches to 3/8 inches wide. For more privacy, you can select the cutting size of the paper functionally.

There are many other cutting styles from different shredders, which are the advanced form of these three types of cuts. So, these three types of shredding are the primary shredding style.

4. Auto-feed Paper Shredder

When you want to shred big amount of papers at once, this type of shredder can be the best option. All you need to do is to put the bundle of papers inside the shredder and the shredder will do the rest. General auto-feed shredder can shred up to 100 sheets at a time while expensive and larger ones can cut almost 500 sheets every time. This type of shredder is ideal for those office which deals with lots of paper.

5. Industrial Paper Shredder

As the name suggests, Industrial paper shredders are the players of big game. These types of machines are used in large organizations as these shredders can shred huge amount of paper continuously. Big companies prefer this kind  of paper cutter for safety and reliability.

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Why You Need Paper Shredder?

There are many good reasons behind using a paper shredder for different purposes. First of all, there are some laws which say that you need to shred the papers which have legal values.

In that case, the documents from offices bear essential papers, and so you need to shred them with a shredder.

To protect your customer information, the valuable paper should be shredded so that they don’t go to the wrong hand. Again the information from your organization can leak through the papers. You should shred them to protect your information.

You can choose a paper shredder for home use too so that paper can’t make your home odd to look at.

Last, of all, shredding is fun. Yes, the way a shredder works will thrill you. It’s enjoyable to work with the shredder. So, choose a shredder for shredding unnecessary papers for your home and office.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the different types of paper shredders?

Generally, there are three types of shredders available according to their performance. They are – Strip-cut Shredder, Micro-cut Shredder, and Cross-cut Shredder.

What is the best paper shredder for use at home?

You should go for a shredder which can perform effectively at home environment and power supply. Again you should make sure that it’s a heavy-duty paper shredder if you are a professional writer or your profession related to paper. Otherwise, it will better for you to go with a light-duty paper shredder.

How long should a paper shredder last?

Though it depends on the types of shredder you using and the place where you are using this. For home use, the shredder needs to be cooled after 5-10 minutes of shredding. On the other hand, for office uses, the shredder can perform up to 30 minutes.

How do I choose a shredder?

It’s up to you to choose a shredder. You should choose a shredder according to your shredding load. Generally, for office uses, you should go for a heavy-duty shredder.

Is micro-cut shredder better than crosscut?

Micro-cut is the advanced form of cross-cut. This type of cut ensures security more.

Final Note

There are some paper shredder alternatives available if you don’t want to go for a shredder or don’t feel the importance of using a shredder.

However, you need to use a shredder for office work as various types of paper have values. Again, a shredder cuts the paper in such a way. So, anyone can’t re-produce the information from that shredded paper.

You should choose the shredder according to their cutting types and the times that they take to shred. Make sure that the shredder works well in your working environment. A cheap paper shredder may not show you the same performance in every case.

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