What Other Paper Shredder Alternatives You Can Use Easily

What Other Paper Shredder Alternatives

For destroying documents of our office and home, we are using a paper shredder. But don’t think it is the only option to destroy paper.

Yes, shredding paper can be an easy process, but if you have any problem with the shredding method, then you can go through other processes.

Here, we are going to discuss paper shredder alternatives, some process of destroying paper, and common difficulties that people face at the time of destroying paper without shredding method.

At first, you need to know why you require paper destroying. Sometimes you will find documents and other important papers need to keep privately.

After using those papers, you should destroy them as fast as you can. From there, destroying the paper method has come.

Why You Need Alternatives to Shred Paper?

Now the question has come. Why you method other than paper shredding? There are some reasons to avoid paper shredding. Let’s see-


From the working principle of a paper shredder, we’ve already known that a paper shredder needs to run with electricity. So if you are using this tool quite frequently, this could be costly for you.

On the other hand, if your paper shredder for home office, it will make some extra electric bill that you have to bear.


Yes, a paper shredder can be a risky option. If you study Common Paper Shredder Injury, then this will be clear to you.

Often children want to insert their hand into the shredding machine. So this could lead to a serious injury to your kids. Adults make the same mistake also.

Common Paper Shredder Alternatives

You can use a paper shredder for home, but sometimes it’s harmful to you and your kid’s body. So, I am here with the alternatives ways to shred paper.

Paper Burning

Though it’s not an appropriate way to destroy documents and important papers, you can do this to getting rid of unnecessary papers. All you have to do is that you need to make a flammable fire and put your papers into it.

In the winter season, the fire can warm your home if you put the unnecessary papers on your fireplace.

Again, during camping, you can use your paper to hold fire. In that case, you will need a good amount of paper.

However, you can use this way as a replacement for a paper shredder.

Paper Recycling

Recycling is the best environmental way to replace paper shredder. By doing recycling, you will get a new paper. If you have lots of unnecessary papers and documents, you can recycle them.

For recycling your paper you need to gather them in a place and tear them into parts. Wet the torn paper sheet with liquid and make a heap.

After that, you need to spread the heap of paper into frames. You can use the new paper for building paper bags.

Using a Drill Machine

To follow this alternative, you will need bleach to wet the paper into a bucket. You can add some water in it to make the paper more wet and weak.

After that, you should take a drill machine with rotating speed. Next, insert a long screw and hold it into the solution of paper, bleach, and water.

That will tear apart the paper into the water. This alternative way you can apply on a short amount of paper. If you want to do it for lots of paper then it will cost you more.


Washing is similar to use a drill machine. Here you can destroy your sensitive data with the help of water only. In this method, you can manage a large amount of paper.

Here you can use your washing machine to do that because washing machines are so destructive in deposing paper. It’s like the blender machine.

You can use this innovative way as an alternative to the paper shredder.

Using Acid

Using acid is also a meaningful alternative way for paper shredder as the acid can destroy things.

By using the acid, you can ruin your important document, and no one can ever read the documents.

For this method, you need to ensure safety first. Put on your gloves on the hand and goggles on your eye.

After that, pour the acid into a bucket and make sure that the bucket is not built with plastic. Last of all, you need to put your paper to destroy.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can I use instead of a paper shredder?

You can use the paper burning method, paper recycling pulping, etc. method that we’ve given in the alternatives of paper shredding.

Can you burn paper instead of shredding?

Of course, you can burn paper instead of shredding. You can do it in an open field. But the gas can lead to trouble. However, you can make a regular fireplace for destroying.

How do you dispose of important papers without a shredder?

Wetting any piece of paper in water, you can make the pages completely unreadable. If you are going to destroy a large number of papers, then you should fill a drum with water and then put the papers into the water.

How do I get rid of old documents?

Destroying old documents can be a solution that gets rid of it. You can use a paper shredding method or any alternative methods of paper shredding.

How many years of paperwork should I keep?

You should keep the paper from the past three years as they are important to you.

Final Note

Alternative methods of paper shredding should be in the safest way. So always keep in mind that your safety is the first thing.

Do not use a bare hand during burning paper and washing in the acid. Do not use other than these methods without research properly.

Moreover, paper shredding is an expensive method, and these tools break down quite frequently. These methods will help you to keep private your documents quite easily.

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