7 Unique Printer Storage Ideas in Home Office

where to put printer in home office

Many people bought printers for their home offices to make sure unrestricted functionalities even under the roof. However, even if the office equipment comes in handy, it becomes an eyesore quickly.

Well, if you are someone facing trouble in finding suitable places to keep the printer where it won’t be noticed without attention, you should know how to hide a printer in Home office. Here, I’m going to discuss some of the places and tricks that you may follow before you get mad at the bulky machine.

Where to Put the Printer in Home Office: 7 Interesting Places

Your work table or the floor isn’t the only place to put the printer. There are a lot of other interesting places if you just look for them. Hiding a printer becomes further straightforward if you own a wireless printer. For example, you can hide or store your printer  inside a drawer, in a closet, under a stylish cover, or just distract with colors.  Let’s see some interesting places.

1. Place The Printer Beside The Table

If you are working from home continuously or even frequently, you probably need the printer by your side as close as possible. It would be great if you find a place for the printer beside your working table. Side tables aren’t just for putting lamps and vases. You can keep the printer to be easily accessible when required. Also, you can use a heavy-duty desktop printer stand.

2. Put The Printer In A Closet

If you own a smart and easy to use wireless printer, it’d be a great privilege to print, copy, scan, and fax remotely. You can hide your large printer into a closet by keeping a place dedicated for the machine. An all-in-one printer for home office gives you the advantage to print not only from the laptop or desktop. Rather, you can copy and scan with the help of your smartphones virtually from anywhere, not being physically present near the printer. Moreover, the chunky device won’t be visible while staying in the closet.

3. Cabinet For The Printer!!

How’s that it would be if the printer would be placed in the drawer or printer cabinet! There are many tutorials available on the internet on making the drawer face tilting down to make it easy for printing. Also, you need to drill a hole at the back of the drawer to make a place for the plug. Thus, you can keep an office-printer in your room without feeling like you’re still in the workplace.

4. Hide With A Fabric

Do you want to  hide large printer while you aren’t working? Well, you can simply hide the printer along with other office storages by making a curtain out of colorful fabric. Or, you can just keep it simple with a mat-colored fabric. It would be best if the color soothes the background so that the hideout won’t be noticed. If you have a home office shredder, you can also hide that behind the fabric.

5. Distract With Colors

If your bedroom turns to be your home office, you wouldn’t want to expose the printer, isn’t it? But, how to hide large printer in home office? Well, I have a wonderful idea. You can distract your eyes as well as others by playing with different colors. All you have to do is to buy colorful boxes of the same size as the printer.

You can use the boxes to store important documents and tools right beside your table. The colors should create contrast with one another. Put the printer on the boxes and it’s done!! Nobody will even notice the printer and you have all the things beside you straightway.

6. DIY A Decorative Printer Cover

If you are concern about the interior of your home office, you have to be innovative. You can design a custom cover for the printer that matches your décor. Perhaps you can build a cardboard cover using your crafty ingenuity to make that eye-catching.

Also, you can use a gorgeous wicker basket and customize (cut holes for paper and cords to out) it properly to fit your printer conveniently. After all, an elegant cover is what makes a cheap wireless printer look unique and expensive.

7. Just Keep It Out!

There’re lots of innovative ways to put the laser or inkjet printer in your house. However, if you’re struggling in managing time or making additional space in the room, you can simply keep the device on a printer stand. Put the stand beside the table you’re working on. keep your things tidy. You’ll find it fascinating.

Let’s Hide Your Large Printer!

To work efficiently with proper concentration, there’s no alternative to a decent working environment. Because the surroundings have an influence on your work. So, it’s recommended to work in a neat and tidy place. You’ll definitely find the difference.

However, keeping your surroundings tidy at your home office can be problematic especially when you have a printer. So, try to put the printer in different innovative places where it won’t be an eyesore.

I hope the article can help you to answer your questions regarding where to put printer in home office and how to hide large printer. If you find other interesting ideas to put the printer, do let me know below in the comment section.

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