Why Paper Shredder Won’t Turn On Problem With Solution

why paper shredder wont turn on

If you are an owner of a paper shredder, then you may face some problems. The paper shredder won’t turn on is one of the problems. Do you know why paper shredder won’t turn on? However, you need to know more about this problem and the solution also.

In general, this problem can occur due to the power supply and power cord. This troubleshooting sometimes may lead you to change the paper shredder.

But, if you know the paper shredder maintenance tips, then it will be easy for you to fix that problem. There are many other reasons behind it. In this context, you will get the reasons and the solution to solve them.

Reasons Why Paper Shredder Won’t Turn On

You should know the reasons behind the problem or won’t turn on the paper shredder. If you are an owner of a paper shredder for home use or the office, you may face the same problem.

It not only depends on the model number but also depends on some other reasons. Let’s have a look over them.

Cord Problem

If you see that your paper shredder is not turning on, then you should check the cord of the machine. There may be a problem with your machine’s cord. Sometimes, the cord may be damaged for various reasons.

For that reason, the power supply through the cord will not be possible, and your paper shredder won’t turn on.

Power Supply

Well, the power supply is also a problem of not turning on the paper shredder. Some paper shredder comes with the low voltage uses. In that case, if your power supply is higher than the machine uses, then the machine may not turn on.

Waste Box

The waste box of the machine can be filled by the paper pieces. The storage of the paper pieces can be a problem of not turning on the paper shredder.

In that case, you need to give priority to the capacity of the waste box, which is belonging to your paper shredder machine. So, you need to check the waste box before shredding.

Lubricating Problem

As a paper shredder is an electronic device and it has a gearing system, you need to lubricate the machine regularly; otherwise, the gear should be turned off for not lubricating the machine.

For this reason, the machine will not turn on. It’s an optional problem, though. You need to use the best oil for paper shredder and check the lubricating schedule regularly.

Cutting Tools

The sharpness of the cutting tool decreases after using the machine for a long time, and it may damage the blades.

The damaging of the blades can cause you not turning on the machine. So, after a long time use, you need to change the machine’s blade.

Excessive Load

The excessive load of the machine can damage your machine’s performance. Before buying a paper shredder, you need to know the amount of paper shredding capability of your machine. For an excessive load of paper, your machine may not turn on.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why did my paper shredder stop working?

The most common reason behind it is that the jamming of the machine. If you face this kind of problem, then you should clear your jammed machine and restart the machine.

How do you fix a shredder that won’t shred?

You can change the blades of the machine. After long use of a shredding machine, the blades may be damaged or broken, and so you need to change them or replace them with new blades.

Why does my shredder keep running?

There remain sensors on the paper shredder machine, and they indicate when to shred and how long to shred. Now the problem is with the sensor. If any dust or paper pieces block the sensor, then the machine will keep running. To get rid of this problem, you need to clean your machine and restart that.

How do you clean a shredder sensor?

First of all, you should unplug your paper shredder and check the entrance area of paper shredder. After finding out the sensor, you should clean that with cotton fabric so that the oil, dust doesn’t remain any more.

Additional Tips to Solve the Problem

A heavy-duty paper shredder may have several problems, and not turning on the machine is one of them. Though the machine may not turn on, there are some additional tips for you to turn on the machine again.

  • The problem with the cord can be solved by changing the cord.
  • To avoid the power supply related problem, you need to insert a power adopter. Again you can control the power supply by seeing the voltage indicator.
  • Waste box related problems can be solved by clearing the waste box regularly. It’s a mandatory task to do whenever you start your machine. You should check the waste box before starting shredding.
  • If you face the lubricating problem, then you should lubricate your machine after a certain time. It will accelerate the machine performance. The problem of not turning off the paper shredder will also be solved.
  • For the cutting blade, the machine may not turn on. To solve this problem, you can buy new blades for your shredder machine and replace them with the old one. It will help your machine to run it again.
  • For solving the paper loading problem, you need not insert the paper sheet with a high volume. It will help the paper shredder for turning on instant.


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Final Note

According to the necessity of shredding paper, you should choose a paper shredder on the budget. Again you may face some problem s while starting the shredding.

I hope that you have found your solution to not turning on the shredder machine. It’s a serious problem, and you need to know ways to solve the problem.

You need to be careful when to fixing the problem of your shredding machine because some problems may harm you and cause you unexpected accidents.

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